Rutannian General Election, 2066

All 368 seats of the Imperial Council
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Luca Lamperouge
Party [[Civic Democratic Party|Template:Civic Democratic Party/meta/shortname]] [[Democratic Labour Party|Template:Democratic Labour Party/meta/shortname]] [[National Liberal Party|Template:National Liberal Party/meta/shortname]]
Last election new party new party new party
Seats won 212 144 12
Seat change Green Arrow Up Darker 212 Green Arrow Up Darker 144 Green Arrow Up Darker 12
Percentage 43.7% 39.1% 17.2%
Swing Green Arrow Up Darker 43.7 Green Arrow Up Darker 39.1 Green Arrow Up Darker 17.2

Prime Minister before election


Prime Minister after the election

Luca Lamperouge
[[Civic Democratic Party|Template:Civic Democratic Party/meta/shortname]]

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