Resonance disruptor Edit

The Terran Federation Standard issue weapon for both ship based and ground based combat is the Resonance disruptor, these weapons are capable of massive destruction and massive power output, The design is based on a the well established principle of disruption in use for many years by the federation. The Resonance disruptor utilizes a beam of exotic energy to disrupt sub atomic force resonance and cohesion. the way it dose this is the beam strikes the material transfers huge amounts of resonance energy in to the sub atomic structure of what ever its hitting, this in turn disintegrates, and destroys the very sub atomic and quantum bonds of the matter by disrupting the very resonance they oscillate at, in turn this also liberates high speed sub atomic particles knocked away by the destructive blast and is able to create a chain reaction to adjacent structures of atoms. Both ship emplacements, and various ground weapons use this as their main weapon. Ship-born systems are often supplemented by Conversion beams, Singularity Kill Vehicles, the Archer Missile system and Positron Torpedoes

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