According to the latest census of Fedeledland, 31.5% or about 774 million people are members of a religious affiliation, the largest of which is Fedeledlandese Paganism. The following is a list of the major religions in Fedeledland.

List of ReligionsEdit

The following is a list of religions in Fedeledland according to number of followers.

Fedeledlandese PaganismEdit

Fedeledlandese Paganism, also called Fedeledism, is the major religion in Fedeledland, with approximately 50% of the religious population. However, it is also the slowest-growing religion in Fedeledland and it's predicted it will be phased out as a secondary religion by as soon as 2015. Fedeledlandese Paganism is a polytheistic religion revolving around the worship of it's main god, Filvaser, with several other secondary gods.


The second-largest religion group is Christianism.

Fedeledlandese ChurchesEdit

The two main Fedeledlandese churches, the independent Lombard Church and the Fedeledlandese Catholic Church (in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church) are the largest groups of Christianity in Fedeledland.

Nestorian ChristianityEdit

The fastest-growing Christian sect in Fedeledland is Nestorianism. Nestorianism is principally present in the Holding of Chaldea-Aram, but it's spreading quickly in most other holdings, especially Fedeledia and Suomi-Novgorod. Nestorian Christianity's main principles are that the human and divine forms of Christ are separate and that the Holy Trinity is too.


Islam is the third largest group of religious groups.

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