The Armed Forces of Cravan use a standard rank structure consisting of nine enlisted grades and ten commissioned grades, labeled E-1 through E-9 and O-1 through O-10 respectively.

Commissioned Ranks Edit

Commissioned Ranks
Grade Navy Marines Army Air Force
Flag Officer
O-10 Admiral of the Fleet Admiral of the Fleet1 General of the Army Marshal of the Air Force
O-9 Admiral General General Marshal
O-8 Vice Admiral Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Marshal 2nd Grade
O-7 Rear Admiral Major General Major General Marshal-Commander
O-6 Commodore Brigadier Brigadier General Commander
Commissioned Officer
O-5 Captain Colonel Colonel Colonel
O-4 Commander Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Captain
O-3 Lieutenant Commander Major Major Lieutenant
O-2 Lieutenant Captain Captain Lieutenant Junior Grade
O-1 Ensign 2nd Lieutenant/Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant/Lieutenant Ensign

1If further promotion in the Imperial Marine Corps occurs beyond the grade of C-9, the rank of Admiral of the Fleet is bestowed upon the Marine, administered by the Navy. This has only happened once in history.

Enlisted Ranks Edit

Enlisted Ranks
Grade Navy Marines Army Air Force
Non-Commissioned Officer
E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer Sergeant Major Sergeant Major Chief Warrant Officer
E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer Master Sergeant Master Sergeant Warrant Officer 1st Class
E-7 Chief Petty Officer Gunnery Sergeant Sergeant 1st Class Warrant Officer 2nd Class
E-6 Petty Officer 1st Class Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant Warrant Officer 3rd Class
E-5 Petty Officer 2nd Class Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant
E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class Corporal Specialist Senior Airman
E-3 Crewman Specialist Lance Corporal Private 1st Class Airman 1st Class
E-2 Crewman Marine Private 2nd Class Airman
E-1 Recruit Marine Recruit Private Airman Recruit

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