The True Communist People of ROFLOLMAO LANDEdit

ROFLOLMAO LAND is a country in North Asia. The people however, tend to call the nation The Soviet Socialist Republics of the People.

ROFLOLMAO LAND is notable for the cold of its climate, with cold bitter winters and summers no hotter then 60F. There are tons of small animals roaming in ROFLOLMAO LAND, and wild animals in the wildlife reserves.

The Offical language's of the people are english, russian, and are attepting to adopt the "universal language".

Supreme Soviet is the elected head of state, He is only the speaker for the People, he is only a messager. Political power rests with the Public Assemblys and the recallable proxy-elected repersentives that vote for the abstain.

Government Edit

Government Type: modified soviet democracy with proxy voting

Legal System: Elected Judicial System

Suffrage: Semi-Manatory, all must go to the ballot and cast a vote in REPERSENTIVE elections, however they may vote abstain.

Military Head: Elected by majority vote of Parliament

Major Political Factions (Modern to Future Era’s):

Trotskyist Alliance

-The Traditional Trots

-The Fighting Trotskyists

Traditional Marxist Alliance

-Luxemburgist Faction

-Strictly Marx Faction

Non-Communist Leftist Alliance

-Democratic Socialist Faction

-De Leonist Faction

Anarchist Alliance

-Anarcho-Communist Faction

-Anarcho-Collectivist Faction

Rethinker Alliance

-New Marxist Faction

-Moderate Socialist Faction

-Reformist Faction

Economy Edit


A Democraticly managed planned economy, were worker coroperatives provide services for the people, but all income goes to the state, is supplyed by the state, payed for by the state, given wages by the state, etc.

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