Type Semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin Jeuna
Service history
In service Flag of Jeuna Jeuna
Used by Jeunese Republican Guard
Jeunese Army
Jeunese police forces
Production history
Designed 1993
Manufacturer Rao Arms Complex
Produced 1994
Weight 605 g
Length 205 mm
Barrel length 119 mm

Cartridge 10 mm Jeunese or 9 x 19 mm Para
Action Short recoil-operated
Double action, semiauto
Muzzle velocity 395 m/s (10 mm)
350 m/s (9 mm)
Feed system 15 rounds (9 mm Para)
12 rounds (10 mm Jeunese)
Sights Adjustable guttersnipe-type iron sights

The QSZ-94 service pistol (Chinese: 94式手槍; pinyin: jiǔ sì shí Shoǔqiàng; literally 'Pistol Type 94') is a semi-automatic pistol designed by Rao Arms. It has been adopted in limited numbers for the Jeunese Republican Guard, the Jeunese Army and Jeunese police units.

Development and design Edit

The QSZ-94's development was first started circa 1993, as a project to design a domestic service pistol to replace the standard American M1991. Constructed of high-impact plastic grip, tungsten frame and slide, and steel barrel, the QSZ-94 was intended to be lightweight and easy on the wrist. The shape of the QSZ-94 is intended to provide a smooth draw from anywhere on the body, since it is also intended to be used by intelligence forces, who would need to conceal the pistol in locations where skin and clothing could be torn by harsher angles. This was also the reason that the guttersnipe sight was chosen, since it would provide the least chance of snag of firearm sights (this also has a significant advantage in that it is reflexive to aim).

Guttersnipe QSZ-94

A view showing the guttersnipe from the back of the pistol

The QSZ-94 uses an internal striker, rather than an external hammer, with a white-marked striker tip that protrudes when the gun is cocked. The QSZ-94 uses tool-less disassembly, a de-cocking button and an ambidextrous magazine release. The sights are adjustable for elevation. There is an accessory rail included on the pistol, for use with laser sights or flashlights. The safety on the QSZ-94 functions as a firing pin lock and as a trigger lock. To minimize the chances of an accidental misfire, the QSZ-94 incorporates a further safety measure: when the striker is cocked, it engages an internal safety, which unless deactivated by pressing the trigger will block the chamber and keep the striker from hitting the primer. The QSZ-94 is normally a double-action-only pistol, but can be ordered in a version with only double-action initial. To unchamber a round without firing it, the operator presses the de-cocking button and runs forward a manual override for the ejector, opening the chamber and ejecting the round. During this action, the override closes the chamber down, and does not re-chamber a round after it has been disengaged.

The QSZ-94 is available in two versions: one is chambered for the 9 x 19mm Luger-Parabellum ammunition (QSZ-94-9), and another is chambered for the Jeunese 10 mm armour-piercing ammunition (QSZ-94-10).