The The "Punga of Sententia" (means The Battle of Decision in latin) was a battle between the goddess' of Void Temple. It was a general battle of good vs evil. Zilyana, Penannce, Seren, S'kree and Voi the Holy all fought against Zak'l'n G'rit'ch, Ts'ta'non Kar'lak , Bal'frug Kre'ey'ath and Q'edath.

Characters in the ClipEdit

  • Characters Name from the Game - Character in Void Temple
  • Yuna - Seren
  • Tifa - S'kree
  • Rikku - Pennance
  • Angel Woman - Zilyana
  • Little girl who appears after angel woman - Voi
  • Ayane - Zak'l'n G'rit'ch
  • Kasumi - Ts'ta'non Kar'lak
  • Hitomi - Bal'frug Kre'ey'ath
  • Christie - Q'edath

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