Kampfers is a dictatorship made up of thirteen provinces, known in German as Länder (singular Land).

The cities of Kampfers Stadt and Gantrickburgh are states in their own right, termed Stadtstaaten (city-states). The remaining eleven states are termed Flächenländer (area states).

List of States Edit

  • Kampfers Stadt
  • Gantrickburgh
  • Kronenhof
  • Schlossweg
  • Kaisbaden
  • Gewahl
  • Salzmuehl
  • Dusselbruk
  • Kirhtrop
  • Buettelalthoch
  • Schwamstag
  • Hohnitz
  • Eisenberg

Flag of kampfers The Neo-Prussian Parliamentary Dictatorship of Kampfers Flag of kampfers
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Military and Intelligence: Grand Kampferian Army, Kampferian Lufftwaffe, Kampferian Kriegsmarine, Kampferian Intelligence Bureau
People: Eric Richtoff, Jorg Klischten, Bill Richardson, John Shindle
Miscellaneous: Hail Kampfers!, History of Kampfers, Kampfers Stadt, Kampferian Mark

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