The Prothero Reformation was a series of widely-criticized government changes and motions that took place during the administration of Prime Minister Gordon Prothero.

The first and most radical change was the abolishment of the Ministries of Defense and Justice, reconstructing them under the common banner of Information Responsibilities (the former MoJ) and National Security (formerly MoD). Together with this change was a redesign of the emergency services in Caelapes. The traditional police forces were merged with fire brigades and emergency medical services to form Cri-Stop, an abbreviation for Crisis/Crime Stop. Furthermore, the Federal Police was expanded, renamed to simply 'Police', and given vast and, in the eyes of some, invasive rights to investigate and apprehend suspected criminals.

Following in the footsteps of the successful merge of the Ministries of Defense and Justice, in mid-June the Prothero Government announced the merger of the Ministries of Healthcare and Education, with the new name of the Ministry of Human Wellbeing. The refounded ministry received a major funding boost after its creation. To compensate, the budget of the Ministry of Labor & Commerce was drastically reduced. A small group of angered LabCom clerks protested the budget slashes publicly, and were summarily fired and arrested. The Police later dropped the charges against them and they were released.

The final change made by the Prothero administration was to the Ministry of Social Development. Under the Finch administration, SocDev was a small, unremarkable ministry primarily tasked with the encouragement of the arts and creating standards for the Ministry of Education. The ministry received a substantial budget increase and was re-tasked not only with the encouragement of arts and theatre but also with the encouragement of national pride and patriotism. Some government watchdog groups have labeled the new task as a "giant step toward turning Caelapes into a fascist police state," though these claims were denied by officials in SocDev and the office of the Prime Minister.

Most of these changes were repealed or dampened following Prothero's removal from office. Crime rates skyrocketed with local police jurisdiction in question by the upper echelon of the (Federal) Police, hundreds of thousands of jobs were lost to overseas markets, and public approval of the Government fell sharply.

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