The Prime minister of the Commonwealth of Rodarion, is a highly important position, which a person is tasked with defending and protecting the Commonwealth, upholding its honour and values.

the Prime minister is a relatively new position only created 12 years ago with the creation of the Commonwealth itself. he/she is also aided by the High minister (Deputy).

however the PM is also tasked with keeping the peace among the member states in the Commonwealth assembly. And maintaing the Political peace among each MP.

It is believed to be a right of the Prime minister to select his/hers cabinet without speculation. This wasnt the case however a year ago, when the Unity council Controlled the Commonwealth, the Prime minister would enact the laws passed by the council. This ended with the civil war (2002-2008). after which the Unity council ceased to exsist and the Prime minister became the head of state. 

The Prime minister is the leader of the victorious party which won that election. he/she would then have 4 year periods before the next election. The articles of unity state the Prime minister can remain in office every time he/she is elected, due to this the election overseer council is very strict on rigging and cheating. If he/she is caught they will be tried for treason and breach of the articles of unity, punishable by life imprisonment or even exectuion.

Current Prime minister

Prime minister Kadar has become the most popular and powerful Prime ministers in Commonwealth history, he was the first non Rodarion man to become Prime minister.

he aslo is the first to expand the Commonwealth by 4 countries. Spreading unity and joy to more nations.

some nations have said that he is a psycotic dictator, but almost all citizens of the Commonwealth call him a saviour of the Commonwealth and the hero of the Amarian people. He is also the youngest man to be in office, aged just 32. He won his first election with 87% and so became the Prime minister.

There has been some allegations of genocide and brutality with his regieme, one examply being the assassination of the entire Commonwealth assembly then choosing the MPs himself, creating a servent like parliment. Another is the creation of the Home legion, the nations secret police, and ordering them to locate all "hostile" journalists in the Commonwealth, 3,452 journalists where arrested and killed in the space of 3 days. However he is the most popular man in Government ever in any of the Commonwealth states. He's future remains to be seen, but its highly likely he will remain in office for alot longer.

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