Aerospace Force OneEdit

Aerospace Force One

Aerospace Force One is the Radio Call Sign of any Aerospace Craft that the President is currently riding in.

However, the primary Aerospace Craft used is called Aerospace Force One regardless. A heavily modified Colonial Heavy Passenger Transport, Aerospace Force Designation VC-291A, Aerospace Force One is a former passenger liner for inter system transit. It has been modified to include a small bedroom for the President and her family, an office area, and an area in the former cargo bay for the reporters to file their stories, a location that the President requested specifically.

Though always escorted by the Wing Guard, a group of three Marauder Destroyer Squadrons and five K-Wing Squadrons, Aerospace One is far from defenseless. The craft has a bank of four Naval PPC cannons and a pair of proton torpedo launchers hidden under the bow. In a bank along it's rear is a collection of three hundred chaff dispensers, and a set of sixteen EM Decoy Probes are built into a dispenser in the bottom of the craft.

Spacecraft OneEdit

Navy One

Officially Navy One when the President is aboard, Spacecraft One is a former star liner that has been modified into a space borne version of the Executive Manor.

It has a large bowling alley in the middle of the ship, a movie theater, a hoverball court, an angleball court, a golf course, a baseball diamond, and a soccer field.

The office and sleeping quarters are near the front of the spacecraft, with windows looking out forward and around the sides.

This is the favored transport of the President when leaving the country, while she mainly uses Aerospace Force One when moving between planets inside of The Republic.

There are two vessels that serve the purpose. One of them, the APNS Potomac, is the primary vessel, and carries the designation of IX-4. It is the President's favorite of the two vessels, and rumor has it that her daughter was conceived aboard the ship.

The second vessel is the APNS Sequoia. It is primarily used by the Vice-President as his own personal home.

Each one has room for a squadron of Marauder Destroyers and Aerospace Force One.

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