President of Zowali Edit

Childhood Edit

Jack Patton grew up in rural Zowali, outside of the city of Jericho, which is renown for the quality of the military training that goes on there. He led a normal childhood, running, playing, and learning boyish things like how to shoot, to kill and skin all manner of animals, and to build guns from scratch: his father was a gunsmith in the employ of a government that was slowly becoming corrupt.

Early Service Edit

Patton joined the First Army of Zowali at the age of sixteen, having been conscripted like every male his age, and found he was drawn to military service. He stayed on well after his third year, rising through the ranks to become Comrade Sergeant Major of Zowali, the highest rank an enlisted man can achieve without trudging through officer's school.

The Seditian Archipelago Incident Edit

He served in the Seditian Archipelago Incident and was instrumental in helping Zekiah "Fish" Walters keep their men from being captured by Caelapene forces; his service was recognized when Walters took advantage of the former President's assassination, and he was placed in a high position in this new dictatorship. Unhappy with how things were but unable to change them, he sustained himself morally by doing all he could to sway Walters' decisions in the favor of the people, but to little avail.

The Second Coup De Grace Edit

Finally, Patton was fed up with Walters' poor performance as ruler that he slowly spread rumors of rebellion throughout the streets, stirring the passions of the people and helping them rise up against Walters; the uprising was so quick that the bureaucracy of Human Affairs (that kept track of all the citizens via microchip) could not respond in time. The government fell, to be replaced by a government in the image of the American Democratic Model. Patton was chosen to lead this new government for a term of six years, and he is doing his very best to restore Zowali to its former glory.

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