Pavonia, officially the People's Confederal Republic of Pavonia, or the PCRP, is a sovereign state located in Siberia. A constitutional socialist dictatorship, Pavonia is governed by a single Supreme Consul, who cooperates with the Pavonian Senate, headed by a President. Pavonia's population according to its census, occuring every seven years, is approximately 950,000. Its capital is Poseidia, named after the Greek deity of the sea.

Pavonia is divided into four main states, each of which are allotted five senators. Its people elect the Supreme Consul, who serves for an unlimited number of seven year terms. The President of Pavonia is chosen by members of the Pavonian Senate.

Founded on March 20, 1949, the PCRP is widely regarded to be the world's only true socialist state. The Supreme Consul is widely regarded to be a benevolent despot, working carefully with the Pavonian Senate and President, elected directly and indirectly by the Pavonian citizenry, respectively.

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