Pass War of 1814
Naval Battle Gantrickburgh
The Battle for Gantrickburgh by Karl Ehrborne shows the battle for naval supremacy off the coast of Gantrickburgh
Date March 20, 1814June 11, 1816
Location Kampfers and Hattia
Result Indecisive; Slight territorial concessions ceded to Kampfers; Neither nations objectives were met
Kampferianwarensign1814 The Prussian Dictatorship of Kampfers Hattia
Kampferianwarensign1814 John I
Kampferianwarensign1814 Helmut von Schmittburgh
200,000 active duty[1]
600,000 reserves[1]
100,000 active duty[2]
1,000,000 reserves[3]
Casualties and losses
94,351 dead or wounded[1] 118,732 dead or wounded[4]
36,289 captured[3]

References Edit

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Flag of kampfers The Neo-Prussian Parliamentary Dictatorship of Kampfers Flag of kampfers
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