The tables below illustrate the Pandoran alphabet as well as the evolution and pronunciation thereof. At this point, the words below are transcriptions of Greek and Latin words.

Pandoran alphabetEdit

A B Γ Δ E Ϝ Z[1] H Θ Ι K Λ Μ N Ξ O Π Ϙ Ρ Σ T Υ Φ Χ[2] Ψ
Alfa Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Vav Zeta Haw Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu Nu Ksí Omicron Kvoppa Rho Sigma Tau Upsilon Chí Psí

Pandoran IPAEdit

Consonants [3]
IPA Ancient Modern Example(s) English
b β Bρύτυς buoy
g γ γραϝις gear
ɲ ιγνις igneous
[4] γϝ λινγϝα Gwen
d δ δεκεμ deck
v ϝ ϝερβυμ vest
w ϝ west
z ζ ζέλυς zest
h η ηαβεο her
j ι, ϊ ιύς yodel
k κ καπυτ scar
χ χαρτα car
[5] χ chin
ks ξ νιξ ox
kv ϙ ϙí Kvapil, as digraph
ϙ quest
l λ λoκα leave
ɫ μυλτα all
m μ μανυσ man
n ν νοςτερ next
p π παξ span
ps ψ ψαικί lapse
ɾ ρ δρακό dragon
r ρεγιο run, but trilled
έα diarrhea
s ς ςυμ send
sv ςϝ Σϝέτόνια svelte, [sv] pron.
ςϝ swear
t τ ταβυλα Stan
θ Πρoμέθεύς tar
θ[6] θ thong
ð ð θαλαςςα this
f φ φακιο fan
IPA Ancient Modern Example(s) English
a α ανιμα hat Received Pronunciation (RP)
[7] ά άκερ father
ɛ[8] ε εστ met
e έ έλεκτυς made
y κμα few
ɪ ι ινκιπιτ mit
i ί ίρα meet
ɔ ο ομνις lot (RP)
o ό δαιμόν code
ʊ υ υρβς put
u ύ λύνα moon
Diphthongs [9]
aɪ̯ αι αιτάς eye
aʊ̯ αυ αυρυμ ow
ɔɪ̯ οι ποινα boy
Nasal vowels
◌̃[10] μV, νV νιμβυς Short nasal vowels
◌̃ː[11] V before word-final (μ)
V+ν before (φ, ς)
μονςτρυμ Long nasal vowels
IPA Examples Info
ˈ[12] Γαιυς
Placed before the stressed syllable.
.[13] Syllable marker, generally between vowels in hiatus


  1. [Dz] function never present in Pandoran.
  2. [Ks] function never present in Pandoran.
  3. Geminate (double) consonants are written with a doubled letter except for /jj/ and /vv/: ανυς /ˈa.nʊs/, αννυσ /ˈan.nʊς/. In IPA, they may be written as double or be followed by the length sign: /nn/ or /nː/.
  4. Appears as [gw] in Furcadia descriptions.
  5. These [tʃ, ɫ, ɾ, r] appears as [ch, ll, r, rr], respectively, in Furcadia descriptions.
  6. The dental fricatives [θ, ð] appears as [th] in Furcadia descriptions.
  7. The long vowels [ᴀ, e, i, o, u] appear as [a:, e:, i:, o:, u:] in Furcadia descriptions.
  8. These vowels [ɛ, ɪ, ɔ, ʊ] appear as [e, i, o, u] in Furcadia descriptions.
  9. These [aɪ̯, aʊ̯, ɔɪ̯] appear as [(ai), (au), (oi)] in Furcadia descriptions.
  10. These [ã, ɛ̃, ɪ̃, ɔ̃, ʊ̃, ỹ] appear as [a#, e#, i#, o#, u#, y#] in Furcadia descriptions.
  11. These [ᴀ̃, ẽ, ĩ, õ, ũ] appear as [a;, e;, i;, o;, u;] in Furcadia descriptions.
  12. Appears as (') in Furcadia descriptions.
  13. Appears as (.) in Furcadia descriptions.


To determine stress, consider the final syllable as extra metric; then place the accent on the syllable with the penult metric mora. For example:
Koνδιτυμ ("founded") <ko•n—di—tum> ['kɔn.dɪ.tʊ̃ː]
Koνδίτυμ ("seasoned") <ko•n—di•i—tum> [kɔn'dɪː.tʊ̃ː]
Koνδυκτυμ ("brought together") <ko•n—du•k—tum> [kɔn'dʊk.tʊ̃ː]

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