The Chernobyl Union Armed Forces' branches each contain numbered units (e.g. 59th Armored Division). This applies the most to the ground forces of the Chernobyl Union. Depending on the size of the Nation, a country could contain 1 to 9 Military Brigade's. The current Supreme General of The CUAF is Vladimir Galkin.

Anarchist StatesEdit

The Free Land of Anarchist States boasts no military. It mainly relies on it's Police forces and The Chernobyl Union Armed Forces.

Chermanian Armed ForcesEdit

Ground Forces (Includes the Strategic Missile Troops & Artic Troops):

  • 1st Infantry Division (Rubingrad)
  • 7th Infantry Division (Crimea)
  • 23rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Sheremet)
  • 48th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Marinov)
  • 63rd Mechanized Infantry Brigade (Vostok)
  • 80th Tank Brigade (Antonov)
  • 86th Artic Infantry Brigade (Lyod Peak, White Forest & Nayod Mountain Range)

Air Force (Includes Airborne Troops):

  • 1st Tactical Aviation Regiment (Marinov)
  • 13th Tactical Aviation Division (Sheremet)
  • 34th Transport Aviation Brigade (Vostok)
  • 43rd Airborne Regiment (Antonov)
  • 57th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Crimea)
  • 79th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Rubingrad)

Navy (Includes Naval Infantry):

  • 3rd Corvette Fleet (Marinov)
  • 4th Frigate Fleet (Rubingrad)
  • 9th Submarine Fleet (Black Coast)
  • 15th Naval Infantry Division (Rubingrad)

Greater Slavic Communist EmpireEdit

Happ-Evil People's ArmyEdit

Ground Forces:

  • 1st Armored Brigade (Crynohap City)
    • Battalion A
      • Company A (Infantry)
      • Company B (Mechanized Infantry)
      • Company C (Light Tank Division)
  • 4th Tank Battalion (Brulentsk City)
    • Company A (Light Tank)
    • Company B (Medium Tank)
    • Company C (Medium Tank)
  • 5th Armored Brigade (Capital)
    • Battalion A (Mechanized Infantry)
      • Company A (IFV)
      • Company B (APC)
    • ​Battalion B (Tank Battalion)
      • ​Company A (Light Tank)
      • Company B (Medium Tank)

Air Force:

  • 7th Tactical Airborne Regiment (Capital)
    • Company A (MiG-29)
    • Company B (Mig-21)
  • 11th Anti-Air Brigade
    • Company A (ZPU-4)
    • Company B (ZSU-23-4)





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