The Supreme Order of St. Basil the First Emperor is the first and the highest order of chivalry of the Jinavian Empire. The Order was established in 1500 Jubilee by Emperor Basil II, in honour of the founder and patron saint of Jinavia. It has only one class, and is only awarded for the most eminent civilian or military merit.
Recipients of the Order of Saint Basil also automatically receive the Order of Military Order of the Holy Great-Martyr and the Triumphant George, Knight Grand Cross. Moreover, military recipients of the order of Saint Basil which are of lower ranks are automatically promoted to the rank of Marshal of the Empire or Admiral of the Empire.

Insignia Edit

The order consists of one class, having three insignia:

  1. Badge: an enamelled crowned black double-headed eagle bearing a blue St. Basil's Cross (greek cross) with St. Basil reigning upon it; on the arms of the saltire are the letters 'SBAJ' (for 'Saint Basil, Autocrate of Jinavia'). It is worn on a pale blue sash over the left shoulder, or on special occasions on an elaborate 'collar' (chain).
  2. Star: eight-pointed silver star bearing a miniature of the badge on a golden background at the centre, surrounded by the motto "For Faith and Loyalty" on a blue ring. It is worn on the left chest.

The insignia of order could be awarded 'with diamonds' as a special distinction. The St. Basil's Cathedral, St. Basilsburg is the chapter church of this chivalric order. As the highest imperial order, it is only bestowed very rarely, e.g. on Patriarch of the Empire.

Dress Edit

The dress of the Order consists of a very dark green velvet cloak lined with white cloth, the collar on top of silver brocade with silver cord and tassels of the same material. On the left side of the cape is embroidered the Imperial Eagle.
The clothing under the coat is white brocade trimmed with gold braid on his chest and bearing the cross of Saint Basil in gold. The trousers are of cashmere, silk stockings, white on black velvet hat with white feathers and red and sky-blue sash.

Requirements Edit

The knights of the Order must be Princes (also life Princes) or Cardinals and must possess the highest military or civil rank which they can reach. Knights are required to have a moral behavior that should identify the importance of this honorary award the honor on pain of confiscation.
Moreover, the number of awarded can not exceed 24: at least half must be of Jinavian nationality.

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