Oops Gotcha!
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Oops Gotcha!
Origin Futuria, Future-World
Genre(s) Rock
Years active 1992-present
Da Kobra
Al X

Oops Gotcha! is a Futurian music band, by many counted as the greatest.

The band was created in 1992 by the four friends, known under no other name but Da Kobra, Al X, Zeeth and Gard. Oops Gotcha first hit, ”No haven for you” was a great success, more or less for the way they performed it. The very special thing about the band is that they never reveal where or what they will play. Most of their concerts are performed in the middle of cities where they jump out of nowhere and start to play their songs. Most often they are hiding in garbage cans before the show.

The first actual concert with the Oops Gotcha! was the “Knocking your shoulder” concert in 1996, when the band realized that people loved their music, and home made recordings of their songs had been downloaded from websites all over Future-World. To give some thanks to their fans, the band announced:

“Oops Gotcha! will not, under no circumstances, never, no, not, nicht, perform on the Great Stage outside Futuria on Friday 11th June 18:00-20:00. So do not come there!!!!”

The concert was free, and gathered 500,000 people, and another 49.5 millions watched live on free television.

This was only one of many successes for the band, an estimate shows that almost 99 of 100 Futurians have at least one song with the Oops Gotcha! at home.

Da Kobra recently announced that the band would not under any circumstances participate in the WorldVision 6 competition.

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