Airline alliance
Oneworld logo
Founded 1 February 1999
Members 18
Partners 5
Pending 0
Slogan "one world, one mission"

Oneworld is one of Nationstates' leading airline alliances, at the moment the alliance has 14 member airlines and 3 partner airlines. The alliance slogan is one world, one mission and its vision statement is "To generate more value for customers, shareholders and employees than any airline can achieve by itself". Oneworld was voted the world's Best Airline Alliance in the 2002, 2004 and 2005 Business Traveller Awards and named the World's Leading Airline Alliance for the seventh consecutive year at the 2009 World Travel Awards.

Oneworld member airlinesEdit

List of all airline companies that are full members of the Oneworld airline alliance.

Member airline: Country: Joined: Member partners/subsidiary airlines:
aeroTern Greater Tern 1999
Air Chardonnay Auremena 1999 Chardonnay Connect
AirInarzikan Inarzikan 2009
Air Maple MapleStory 2010
Auremena United Airlines (AUA) Auremena 1999
Pear Air Express N/A 2010
FSM Airlines Nation of FSM 2002
Jbeil Air Jbeil 1999
JungastianAirways Jungastian 2008 JungastianBlue, JungastianConcorde
LexAir Dungeyland 2007 MicroLex
Quendair Quendi 2002
Royal Kingtonian Airways Kington Langley 2006 Grand Ducal Airways
Sungai Pusat N/A 2006
Wiccian Republic Airlines Wiccia 2000
Ziok Airways Ziok 2010
Arabiak International Airlines Arabiak 2009
NorthStrean Airlines Strazzenburg 2006
Strazzenburg Federal Airlines Strazzenburg 2006

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