Overview Edit

Ocelatonia is famous for not only it's soldiers, but it's weaponry as well. State of the art weapons are assigned to every soldier, officer, and police force in the country in an attempt to protect it's economical and government interests. This 'Next-Gen' weaponry is viewed all over the world as a highlight in ballistic warfare, ranged combat, and the power of government funded corporations. Since the ID-Act of 2009, all government weapons are issued a safety lock attached into a chip reader. This prevents any non-authorized personnel to use that said weapon, rendering them useless. This is perfect weapons regulations, for a perfect government.

Early History Edit

The origin of ballistic weaponry in Ocelatonia is unknown and commonly debated by historians. The most supported theory is the Out-of-Asia concept. This concept states that in the early 1700's gunpowder was brought to Ocelatonia by the famous Ukrainian explored Bondurak during one of his journeys to the Eastern Isles. The creation of rifles was, of course, soon to follow. The earliest recorded gun was dated during the eighteenth-century.

The Ocelatonian Revolution Edit

The Ocelatonian Revolution is known for putting Ocelatonia on the map for it's weapons. As the Ocelatonian Loyalists began taking control of the Inner Sanctum, they began developing new, more effective weaponry. A major revolution had begun. New rifles were crafted, new forms of artillery created, combat vehicles never before seen or imaged rushing into battle. It was the bloodiest war in Ocelatonian history with casualties on both sides ranging in the millions. After the war these weapon were decommissioned as the Peace Pact was now in affect. Billions of weapons were dumped into unsecured, unguarded, and unregulated warehouses, the perfect place to be picked up by arms dealers and sold on the black-market.

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