Overview Edit

Ocelatonia is a small country in Eastern Europe, located near the region known as Russia. It's neighbors consist of many small, unstable countries who's borders are always changing, usually to the advantage of the Ocelatonian government. The capitol city is Urakha and the national animal is the ocelot. The national currency is the Ocelatoi (O).

Ocelatonia on a map of Europe

Ocelatonia's modern history began in 1945, during the Ocelatonian Revolution. Before the nation was united, Ocelatonia was actually a region which housed two separate nations; Ocelata and Yahkha. After a trade agreement in favor of Ocelata was established, Yahkha retaliated and invaded the small communist nation. This event established the era known as the Great War. Eventually, Ocelata emerged as the winning nation and took over the remaining parts of Yahkha, fusing it's communist society with Yahkha's socialist one. Finally, Ocelatonia was fully established.

Ocelatonia Today Edit

The Commonwealth of Ocelatonia is a small, economically powerful nation, renowned for its complete lack of prisons. Its compassionate, hard-working, cynical population of 23 million are ruled by a mostly-benevolent dictator, who grants the populace the freedom to live their own lives but watches carefully for anyone to slip up.

The large, corrupt government juggles the competing demands of Commerce, Defence, and Social Welfare. Citizens pay a flat income tax of 23%. A large private sector is led by the Gambling, Woodchip Exports, and Information Technology industries.

A well-funded social safety net protects the unfortunate, the government has the power to seize property at will, motorists' locations are constantly tracked by intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and all guns must be registered. Crime -- especially youth-related -- is well under control, thanks to a well-funded police force.

Education Edit

Prior to the 21st century, Ocelatonia lacked a well funded education system. Most children we either home-schooled or taught

Ocelatonian School Uniforms

via one of the many, poor, public schools. At age 16, every fit male child is required to serve one year of military service. In July of 2009 the Children of Ocelatonia act took affect. This bill stated the from age seven to 16 all children must spend a year in one of the, now government funded, private schools. Then in October of 2009 a new bill was passed requiring all schools to enforce a school uniform law. These uniforms are usually traditional style military school drabs. Most Ocelatonian schools are either run my military leaders or political advisors. The children go to school every day of the week on every day of the year except on holidays. Of course even the private schools are open to any child with an Ocelatonian visa or that is a citizen. The average price for a student to go to school is 39,000 Ocelatoi ($26,000), a very high price for a mandatory law.

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