National Flag Nikrovia

National Flag

Nikrovia, officially the The Great People's United Democratic Socialist Islamic Arab Confederation of Nikrovia (Nikrovese: is a large nation in the Middle East bordered by Azerbaijan, Armenia, Oman, Georgia, Israel, Sudan, Libya, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Greece.

Nikrovia is a People's Democratic Dictatorship ruled by the Nikroviar People's Socialist Union (NPSU). Nikrovia is a single-party state and possesses jurisdiction over 4 Merkenza (Regions) within which are 10 Razhonza (Provinces) and within those are 57 Likkoenza (Emirate-States)


The total area of Nikrovia is estimated at approximately 4 550 000 square kilometers and it has a population of 374 973 614 (September 2009 census).

Nikrovia was founded on the 6th of July 2005 and and unified the nations of Yemen, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, and was originally named The People's Republic of Nikrovia. This name changed to The Great People's Socialist Arab Federation on the 19 of May 2009 following the addition of Syria and Jordan. The name was again altered on the 26th of September 2009 to The Great People's United Democratic Socialist Arab Republic following a series of new policies and changes to the constitution in August as well as the withdrawal of Israel from the Republic on September the 24th. Also affected were the National Flag, Coat of Arms, National Anthem, National Holidays as well as various Emirate-State and City names. On the 11th of September 2009, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Egypt joined Nikrovia following the signing of the Cairo Statute and the constitution changed once again. The name changed to the present after the constitutional amendments.


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