The MonarchyEdit

Led by the current High King, Aidan O'Neill, the Executive Branch is headed by the Monarchy and the Prime Ministers, appointed to their cabinet positions, by the High King

Ard RiEdit

The Chief Executive of the Government and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom, the Ard Ri is given more power than is usual in a Constitutional Monarchy.


The Popularly elected Head of State, the Taoiseach represents the will of the people. He is the one responsible for signing bills into law.

Council of StateEdit

Made up of the Prime Ministers of the various departments, the Council of State is the Ard Ri's primary advisory group, and is headed by the Taoiseach.

Department of Fisheries and AgricultureEdit
Department of WarEdit
Department of Enterprise and TradeEdit
Department of FinanceEdit
Department of Foreign AffairsEdit
Department of JusticeEdit
Department of CommunicationsEdit
Department of Energy and Natural ResourcesEdit
Department of ScienceEdit
Department of HealthEdit
Department of TransportationEdit
Department of Security and DefenseEdit

Legislative BranchEdit

Saenad ÉireannEdit

The Senatorial Body, the Seanad is comprised of six members elected by the Six Pillars of the Scholars, 11 men nominated by the Taoiseach, seven elected by the County Councils, and 26 elected by the people

Dáil ÉireannEdit

Composed of 300 representatives of the population, they form the main body of the Parliment, and are responsible for legislation.

Armed ForcesEdit



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