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New Euthenia (also known as the Kingdom of New Euthenia) is a newly founded nation located in Antarctica. Thenation was founded in February 24, 2014 and had a population of more than 36 million (36,000,000).




Excavacations were found in the northern tip of the peninsula that were from the 15th Century. These excavacations revealed presence of British and native activity. There were also unknown written manuscripts written in walls. Few is known about New Euthenia's history.

15th CenturyEdit

The British then found the Euthenian Isle in 1514. They found the climate in the peninsula very cold but they saw tribes. The tribes then saw the British and welcomed them very warmly. The island is now known s Euthenia in the 15th century

In the 1554s,  the Old Euthenians revolted and demanded independence. The Old Euthenians were used to the very cold climate unlike the British, which makes Euthenia quickly become independent.


New Euthenia is located in the Antarctic Peninsula and is in Antarctica. The area is highly mountainious  and were said to be the continuation of the Andes mountains.

The country's total area is currently unknown because of the climate change.


The climate in New Euthenia is very cold, in fact, it is cooling down. If someone were to live in the northernmost tip of the nation, they will still be very cold. There are about 4 seasons in New Euthenia, summer, spring, winter and fall. The temperatures in summer ranges from 10 degrees fahrenheit while the temperatures in winter ranges from -200 fahrenheit,


New Euthenia has been a constitutional monarchy since it began. It is ruled by a monarch named Queen Catrina II who is also the head of state of New Euthenia.

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