New Emperica is a Moralistic Democracy. It maintains a strict code of honour and morals for it's citizens, but makes up for what might be unhappiness in the population by maintaining a glorious culture. It has an extremly large military and has extended into 4 million Galaxies, and 2 other universes. Along with this, New Emperica is the founder of a new type of government, Universal Representation. In which every single state, republic, colony, and occupied territory is represented by 3 representitives, bringing the total of representitives to 847, containing the full number of representitives from all 2542 states, colonies, republics, and occupied territories.


New Emperica was once an imperial monarchy named The Imperial Empire of Emperica. The following is a short timeline...

1000 A.D.- Lord Sieh takes power. Sieh Reign begins.


1204 A.D. - Sieh Reign end.  Andrewson Reign begins.

       | 1602 A.D. - Andrewson Reign institutes high taxes on all peasents.


1802 A.D. - Andrewson Reign overthrown. Atomica Reign begins.


1898 A.D. - Eonic Atomica the Fith takes power.


1942 A.D. - Eonic Atomica the 13th takes power.


2003-Present - Eonic Atomica the 26th overthrows father, and gets elected president.

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