Navy of Pablicosta Edit

The Naval forces of Pablicosta are split into two main divisions, His Majesty's Navy and Her Majesty's Fleet, though the two often work side by side. HMN serves as the truly military arm of the Navy, operating all Attack Vessels from Mine Warfare Vessels to Aircraft Carriers and Command Ships, whilst HMF operates Support Vessels including Transports and Supply Vessels.

Her Majesty's NavyEdit

Her Majesty's FleetEdit

HMF, more commonly known as The Fleet, was founded by Sir Robert Winston in early 1890 as a volunteer group to support Her Majesty's Navy in the Berusia War. By September 1890 Winston had assembled 300 men willing to go to sea in support of the Navy, just as news came through to Pablicosta that the HMN Battle Detachment operating in the Berusian Gulf to contain the Berusian Navy would be forced to retreat to re-supply. Winston assembled his men immediately and upon purchasing 3 deserted C4 Tankers before setting sail for the Gulf. By providing valuable fuel and ammunition during the remaining 4 weeks of conflict, Winston and his Volunteers ensured that the Berusian Navy could not mobilize and was eventually destroyed in the Gulf after the fall of Berusia. In recognition of their contribution to Pablicostan sovereignty the modern HMF continued to name it's two lead ships "HMF Winston" and "HMF The Volunteers".

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