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  • Nation Records are not to be confused with National records. Nation records deal with area, population, population density and similar records. National Records are records within a nation that are not World Records, but recognized due to their nature.


Governmential/Nation RecordsEdit

Heads of State Records (includes heads of cities, provinces, states or smaller political divisions within a nation)Edit

  • Highest number of heads of state in a year
    • Rejistania; 20 different lentines in 1992.
  • World's shortest living human head of government
    • Abdullah Ikmes (Grand Vizer) of the Turkic Shahdom. Height: 1m50cm (4'11").
  • Shortest non-democratic political career.
    • Karle Huntay (Komekong Director of Inner Security); length of term in office: 5 minutes.
  • Shortest length of time spent as a mayor-elect.
    • Joe Swanson, Prux. Length of time in office: approx. 2 minutes.
  • Shortest time spent as a ruler/leader of a nation/head of state.
    • Ludovic M. Hooper of Vojvodina-Nihon. Duration: approximately 30 seconds. Date: February 26, 2007 (11:07:00 am- 11:07:30 am).

Voting RecordsEdit

  • Closest election ever.
    • 1956 provincial elections, Brutland, Brutland and Norden. Outcome: (Populist Party-Social Democratic Party 75,783 votes) to (Nationalist Party-Centrist Party-Catholic Social Party-Libertarian Party 75,782) in the seat of Tiberio di Cantabrica, giving the PPop-PDS coalition control of Parliament with 113 seats to 112.
  • Highest percentage of voters voting in election.
    • 1992 Anonymous Islands Election, Percent: 112%.

Miscelaneous Government RecordsEdit

  • Greatest percentage of government funds allocated to scientific research.
    • Imperium Scientium- 58% of government funds.
  • Most people executed by their government in a single hour
    • Hofkauzern 1.7 million.
  • World's largest single-day political protest.
    • August 7, 2006 in Pacitalia. 371,238,395 registrants and 1,585 scheduled protests in 834 cities and towns in Pacitalia.

Nation RecordsEdit

  • Highest ratio of oceanic EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) to land.
    • Tahar Joblis. Ratio: 109.1 (ocean):1 (land) (approximately 1/110th of the Exclusive Economic Zone is land in Tahar Jobis).

Military RecordsEdit

Air Force RecordsEdit

Army RecordsEdit

  • Most tanks maintained by one nation.
    • New Britain and Empire. # of tanks: Approximately 10 million.

Naval RecordsEdit

  • Longest Naval Salute.
    • Changing of Flag officers (15 total), Iansisle. Time of Salute: 16 hours and 26 minutes (commenced 7:02 am, ended 11:28 pm).

Miscellaneous RecordsEdit

Clothing RecordsEdit

  • Longest train in pre-modern times not worn for a wedding or coronation.
    • Countess Vaudriennë Arundôme á Vernaùndel zée Vaulême, Xirnium. Length of train: 79.86 m (262 ft).

Collection RecordsEdit

  • Largest collection of preserved arthropods.
    • Universitat Ossinger Arthropod Ansammlung, Mikitivity. Collection size: 4,450,000+.

Computing and Computer RecordsEdit

  • Most Operating Systems on one computer.
    • Rovertino Kvanto, The HURD. Number of Systems: 256 different Operating Systems or distributions of Operating Systems.
  • Most time spent coding (consecutive).
    • Mariĉa Hazarda, The HURD. Time Spent: 7 days, 5 hours and 57 minutes.

Eating/Drinking RecordsEdit

  • Most burgers eaten in a day.
    • Davis Hampstead, Bazalonia. Burgers consumed: 89 in 12 hrs.
  • Most baked beans eaten in one minute.
    • Jonathan Feria, Grafton City Fair, Grafton, Krytenia, August 18, 1978. Weight of beans consumed: 4.25kg.
  • Longest pub crawl.
    • John O'Neil, Sorthern Northland. Duration of crawl: 1117 days, approximately 15,000 pints of beer consumed. (1,875 gal or 7,097.65 liters)
  • Drunkest nation (% of population).
    • Shielas and Bruces, 82% of people exceed the 3 standards drinks for men and 2 standard drinks for women at least once a week.

Food RecordsEdit

  • Longest single-piece of spaghetti ever.
    • Muffleberry, May 24, 2001. Length: approximately 200 m.

Linguistic RecordsEdit

  • Most racial slurs in the common lexicon.
    • Scolopendra. #of Slurs: approximately 150,000 in 80 different "origin languages" (approximately 25,000 in common usage).
  • Language with the most words considered profanity.
    • Uir (Uiri) number of words: 32.
  • Longest sentence written in a book in the English language.
    • The History of the Nantuk Peoples (1894), Alexandrian Ptolemais. Length of sentence: 128 words, 598 letters.
  • Longest Incantation by a Human Sorceress.
    • Yumiko Katsuma, Northern Magic Sorcery. Length of Incantation: 46 minutes.
  • Largest Number of Official Languages
    • Kiravian Empire, with 3,246 actively used Coscivian languages, as well as 124 official languages on the provincial level.

Media Records (TV, Photo, Radio and Print)Edit

  • Most watched television programme.
    • Topa Tudo Pelos Vintéms (Doing Everything For Vintéms on Globo Multimedia, Cafundéu (4/1/2000). # of people watching: 8,682,503,911.
  • Biggest cinematic flop ever.
    • Spank Me Scotty! (2000), Omigodtheykilledkenny. Amount lost: $684 million.
  • Highest grossing film ever.
    • Yasashii Himura (1971), Kanami. International Gross: $1,845,034,188
  • Most overdue library book.
    • unnamed German ballad Festeburg, Zwangzug. Time spent overdue: approximately 282 years (c. 1604-1886).
  • Piece of literature containing the greatest number of profane words.
    • You ----, A. S. Hol, Uiri. (1984, never officially published) Number of Profanities: 158/ Profane words: 32. Note: Book was never offically published.
  • Earliest Known Color Photograph.
    • Emperor Koto Mashimo, Magic Sorcery. Date taken: c. 1725.

Monetary RecordsEdit

  • Wealthiest woman alive (excluding heads of State and royalty).
    • Sofia Kamrill (film maker), Emerald Springs. Estimated Net Worth: $638 million.
  • Largest piece of currency (Physical size)
    • Type of Currency: Northern Rangerian bronze markka. Size: width: 35 cm (13.8 inches) and thickness 2 cm (0.8 inches).
  • Largest Piece of Currency(Domestic Value)
    • 1,000,000-saar coin circulated in Kirav. Only 14 known to exist.
  • Smallest Piece of Currency(Domestic Value)
    • Coin minted during economic troubles in Kirav during the 21120's. Worth 0.000005 saars.

Musical RecordsEdit

  • Longest overture.
    • youso (The Elements), by Karou Himura, Kitsuneville. Length: 2hrs, 25min.
  • Longest time playing a jew's-harp.
    • Arin Eta, Tenek, Rejistania. Time spent: 4hrs, 2min.
  • Most concerts played at one time.
    • SolAid, Solenial (2007). Number of concerts: 61
  • Largest outdoor concert attendance.
    • 143rd annual Stumpstock Concert, Central Park, Maineiacs City, Maineiacs (2112). Attendance: 1.2 million.

Sport and Games RecordsEdit

  • Highest percentage of boat ownership in a country.
    • Aqua Anu. Boat ownership: over 99% of population.
  • Longest board game ever played (in terms of Time taken to complete).
    • Joe Petterson, Charlotte Pettersson, Hebe Pettersson, Georgette Pettersson, Candelaria And Marquez, Smith & Jurkowski’s Oligopsony. Time of completion (non-consecutive): 805 hours, 15 minutes (February 12th 1989 - April 20th 1991).
  • Largest pile of artificial snow.
    • Cross-country skiing course created for the I Olympic Winter Games, Unified Capitalizt States. Amount of artificial snow created: 24,109,300 m³ (851,411,882.12 cubic ft).

Wedding RecordsEdit

  • Most marriages in a single week.
    • Aqua Anu. 221 couples
  • Most Objections to Marriage:
    • 38 persons voicing seperate objections to the marriage of Kiravian mobster Lombardo Oliveyard and actress Ultima Thule. 36 objectors pronounced dead within a week.

Natural RecordsEdit

Animal RecordsEdit

  • Largest prawn in captivity.
    • Jumbo X from Prux. Length: 52.07 cm (20.5 inches), Weight: 1,125.48 g (39.7 oz).
  • Largest krill ever captured in the wild.
    • Meganyctiphanes norvegica, size: 107.2 cm (3ft6in). Caught by: Daniel Bloom Cindeyyun of Scolopendra.
  • Largest cat ever
    • Sfesza/"Fluffy", Tsaraine. Species: Tsarainese Ryecat; Size: 177 cm tall at the shoulder, 1,669 kg (5ft10in, 3680 lbs).
  • Smallest non-sentient rodent species.
    • grey mountain wombat of Green wombat. Average weight and height: 31.10 g (1 oz), 0.64 cm (0.25 in).


  • Most people made homeless by a flood.
    • Sorthern Northland. Approximately 50 million due to heavy raining and tsunamis.
  • Worst sequences of natural disasters in one nation within one year.
    • Kurona: The October Kuronan Storm Crisis, lasted: over 100 days; Consisted offrequent lightning, wind, tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes.

Mineral RecordsEdit

  • Largest piece of anthracite coal.
    • Green wombat, Weight: 12,700.59 kg (just under 14 tons), Volume: 14,985.28 cubic meters (19,600 cubic yds).

National/Zoologial Park RecordsEdit

  • Largest public zoological gardens.
    • Lutropolis Zoological Gardens, Cookborough (1852-present) Number of Animals: over 8,000 animals
  • Largest national park.
    • Maineiacs Peace Park,Dakota Province, Maineiacs. Area: 45,000 sq. km (17,374.6 sq miles, 4.5 million hectares, 11.12 million acres).

Plant RecordsEdit

  • Most populous tree.
    • Giant West Pelagic Cedar near Saar-Lamptree, Kolaxa Colony(KE). Hollowed portions of trunk and branches hold 130 people

Sentient Being RecordsEdit

Human RecordsEdit
  • Tallest human woman alive.
    • Julie Lane, Ariddian Isles (West Ariddia). Height:2m27cm (7ft5in).
  • Longest human nose ever (disputed).
    • Samuel Pafford, Candelaria And Marquez. Length: 25.13 cm (10in).
  • Longest toenail ever.
    • Fessy De Rebuil, Qazox. Length: 29.46cm (11.6in).
  • Greatest number of breasts on a human woman.
    • Jennanne Hess, Qazox. Number: 6 (4 lactating).
  • Longest period of suspended animation.
    • Chester L. Jurney, Brutland and Norden. Duration: 100 days (January 4 - April 14, 2002).
  • Longest Fall in an Elevator Survived by a Human Woman.
    • Tomoya Mitani, Mizth-Sonika. Height of fall: 75 stories (Aproximately 750ft/228.6m).
Non-Human RecordsEdit
  • Most tails on a kitsune.
    • Yuuki Mashimo, Kitsuneville. # of tails: 12.
  • Smallest waist on a living neko woman.
    • Eriko Katsua, AHSCA measurment: 38.1 cm (15 in).
Reproductive RecordsEdit
  • Most illegitimate offspring.
    • Prince Calew III 'the Ox' (1326-1401), Northern Rangeria. # of acknowleged illegitmate children: 1,377.

Weather RecordsEdit

  • Greatest annual rainfall.
    • AHSCA, average rainfall during wet season: 11,873 m (4,678 ft).
  • Most Lightning Strikes per year in a Single Area.
    • The Summit of Thunder Mountain in Mizth-Sonika. Approximately 2 million strikes a year (5,475.70 strikes per day, 228 per hour, 3.80 per minute or 1 strike every 15.80 seconds).
  • Highest temperature recorded
    • Village of Convenzate San Semastopoli di Manchiadore, Beracanto, Pacitalia. Temperature: 66.80°C (152.24°F) 7/17/2007.

Structural/Man-made Object RecordsEdit

Building RecordsEdit

  • Largest planetarium.
    • Citest Planetarium, Plutoni, Height: 32m (105ft).
  • World's oldest human brothel.
    • Akbah's harem (originally: Shem Sallah), near Jerusalem, Jeruselem. Open since: 7 AD-current (2000+ yrs).
  • Largest enclosed shopping centre.
    • Złote Miasto Centre, Vilvek, Swilatia. Size: 980,000 m² (10,548,632 sq. ft) (over 2250 stores).
  • Largest Orthodox cathedral.
    • Our Lady of Valeria and Saint Valerian Cathedral, Isangrad, The Valerian Empire. Area: 20,500 m² (220,660 sq. ft), Height: 162 m (531.5 ft).
  • Most Golden Mosque.
    • Hikmet Al-Kose Mosque,the Turkic Shahdom. Mass of Gold: 85,023 kg (187,440lbs, 93.72tons).
  • Highest human dwelling in a tree.
    • the lyptoo family dweeling, Fanny Moo, Ootopia district, Plateau province, Errinundera. Height off of ground: 131.7 m (432 ft).
  • Largest vineyard.
    • Swent and Swift families Vinyard,Travesian, ESF, Valanora. Area: 86 square miles (222.74sq. km).
  • Largest association football stadium.
    • Sokojito Überdome, Sokojito Dosi, Unified Capitalizt States. Capacity: 400,552 people.
  • Longest operating restaurant.
    • Soong's in Snefaldia. Open since: 500 BCE-current. (2500+ yrs).
  • Shortest operated Football Stadium.
    • Victory Stadium, Jeruselem. In operation: 4th June 1998 - 4th August 1998 (61 days).
  • Tallest building (Tower).
    • Millenium Tower, Lucidare, Cookborough. Height 1.46 km (4,803 feet).
  • Most slippery floor.
    • Santo Expedito's Hospital, in Submiria, Cafundéu. Average number of people slipping per day: 78.
  • Largest flag ever made.
    • Bethel Monavidez,Omigodtheykilledkenny. Size: 3.22km x 1.43km (2 miles x 0.89 miles).
  • Largest Zoroastrian fire temple.
    • Our Faravahar of Tabriz Temple, Tabriz, Tabriz Province, The Valerian Empire. Area: 18,750m²(201,823.32 sq. ft) , Height: 154m (505ft).
  • Most synchronized fountain.
    • Liberty Square Founatain, Carmina Gadalica, Kanami. Number of times synced to music: 1000+ times.
  • Most frequently torched Parliament House.
    • Parliament House in First Creek Falls, Errinundera Arson attempts: 774+.
  • Largest film studio backlot.
    • Freethinker Broadcasting Corporation, The Freethinkers. Area: 34,783.54 km² (13,430 sq. miles)
  • Biggest sandcastle ever built.
    • Mohammed Evans and Anne-Sophie Evans, Ariddian Isles (West Ariddia). Height of sandcastle: 9.61 m (31ft 6in).

Mining RecordsEdit

  • Deepest opencast mine.
    • Rhukht Ankht El Mine, Tekhat Scheighu, Tsaraine. Depth: 8,611 m (28,251 ft).

Transportation RecordsEdit

  • First Magic Roundabout.
    • Lostwithil, Charlotte Ryberg. Built: June 1971.
  • Oldest operating airship line.
    • Eule Fluglinien, Mikitivity. Time in Operation: 90+ years (1917-present).
  • World's longest railway bridge.
    • New Ulster Island/New Leinster Island Railway Bridge, King Ptolemy Strait, Alexandrian Ptolemais. Length 63.45 km (39.43 miles).
  • Longest flat-steps.
    • above Kota Laut city, the Indonesian states. Length: 6.44 km (4 miles).
  • Longest sea level shipping canal.
    • Grand Shipping Canal, The Freethinkers. Length: 2,011.68 km (1,250 miles).
  • Longest protest walk by a group.
    • Nekos Opposed to Nukes (NON), Length of march: 402 km (250 miles).

Vehicle RecordsEdit

  • Fastest production road vehicle
    • Tickford Tempest, by the Tickford Motor Company (1999-2001) from Diorville, Krytenia. max. speed: 425km/h (255mph)

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