The NIGHTHAWK defensive combat system is an integrated weapons system used by the Leocardian Dragon Navy. It is both an integrated single ship system and a ship-to-ship network. The NIGHTHAWK defensive combat system is one of the most advanced and most capable defense systems currently in use. All major Leocardian naval vessels are required to be equipped with this system.


The defensive ambitions by the Leocardian Researchers' Group (LRG) was developed during the modernization era of the then-realizing obsolete army. With a $100 trillion modernization package in Leocardia's military forces, several defense companies had struck gold in making new inventions in research and additions to powerful, new equipment.

The NIGHTHAWK Defensive Combat System is an advanced command and control (Command and Decision, or C&D), and Weapon Control System (WCS) that uses powerful computers and radars to track and destroy enemy targets and missiles. It is the world's most advanced naval surface ship combat system and the first fully integrated combat system built to defend against air, surface, subsurface, and missile threats.

The NIGHTHAWK is composed of the NIGHTHAWK Weapons System, the fast-reaction component of the NIGHTHAWK Anti-Aircraft Warfare (AAW) capability, along with the Phalanx CIWS, the SA-N-6 SAM VLS, Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASuW) systems, and Hwasong-6 Tactical Ballistic Missiles (TBM). Shipboard torpedo and naval gunnery systems are also integrated.

The NIGHTHAWK Defensive Combat System is controlled by an advanced, automatic detect-and-track, multi-function three-dimensional passive electronically scanned array radar. The high-powered (six megawatt) radar is able to perform search, tracking, and missile guidance functions simultaneously with a track capacity of well over 180 targets at more than 100 nautical miles.

A large number of targets can be engaged simultaneously while it communicates with Standard missiles through radio frequency (RF) uplink, which can act on direct missile guidance mid-course.


Tested and used during the Pythogrian-Leocardian War, the NIGHTHAWK successfully performed according researcher's plans. It had significantly reduced the Pythogrian threat against the Leocardian Royal Navy and allowed Leocardia to control a few of Pythogrian colonies of the Makoki Isles. The first batch of the NIGHTHAWK featured nuclear weapons as its first primary offensive deterrent, while enabling a stored no-radiation tank in the bottom part of the ship. It failed evaluations, however, when it was discovered that the proper treatment in the ship's radiation system was abusive.

The second batch produced was abandoned due to the lack of funds in the Leocardian defensive budget.

The last, and third batch is now equipped in almost every Leocardian naval vessel. With a refitted CIWS system, as well as higher-powered radar and defensive systems, the NIGHTHAWK is able to perform in more tactical operations and tasks.

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