Республика Народов Miyager
Peoples Republic of Miyager
125px-Flag of the Soviet Union svg
|125px|border|Flag of Miyager]]
85px-Coat of arms of the Soviet Union svg
|85px |Coat of arms of Miyager]]
"We are Socialists, and Communists Who Follow USSR!"
Hymn of Miyager
(and largest city)
Official languages Russian, Chinese, Slavic, Eastern European, Arab,
Demonym Miussian
Government Communsim and Socialism
 -  General Secretery Vladmir Iosif Borislava
Independence (Sometimes Considerd Protecterate of Stokolmovi)
 -  Communist Party of Miyager 1915 
 -  Water (%) 6.7
 -  September 2008 estimate 293,675,899 (205th)
 -  2000 census 291,356,987 
GDP (PPP) 2007 estimate
 -  Total $1.34 Billion (148th)
 -  Per capita $9,271 (py6 6,704) (Mid Sept. 08 est.) (2/3)
Currency Rubble (SUR)
Time zone/th> KAT (UTC+1)
List of country calling codes +345
  • Under Construction took me a Long time to do the Infobox*

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