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The emblem of the Adygean Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Adygea (Russian: ???; Adyghe: ???) is a ministry of the government of Adygea. It is the national police authority of Adygea. It is a centralized agency headed by a Minister of Internal Affairs (currently Rostislav Mahagonov), who is not only a formal member of the Adygea's Cabinet of Ministers, but also the actual commander of the country's police.

The generic term for the Adygean police (and for police in most of the post-Soviet countries) is militsiya.

Rostislav Mahagonov

Rostislav Mahagonov, current Minister of Internal Affairs of Adygea

The ministry is housed in Krasnodar, in several offices of the old legislative building.


Krasnodar administration building


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