The Holy See lies in Saint Basilsburg, the capital of Jinavia. Being a part of Imperium, its military defense is provided by the whole military of Jinavia. However, the Jinavian Church still retains some military units, in order to ensure its autonomous protection and foreign actions.
The command is exercised by the Captain General of the Church, usually a retired (but he can also be formally assigned to the duty) General or Flag Officer of Imperial Armed Forces, assisted by the General Staff of the Church Militias, provided by the Military of Jinavia.
The current Captain General of the Church is the Lord Marshal of the Empire (retired) Baron Karl Maria Gonzaga-Krauf, while the Chief of Staff of the Church Militias is the Brigadier General Pietro Colonna.

Military units and formations Edit

Patriarchal Navy Edit

  • Chief of Patriarchal Navy: Admiral (retired) Ivan Illya
    • Chief of Staff: Commodore (retired) Wollfang Amadeus Dægner
  • Covettes - integrated in the Jinavian Navy
    • "Sealady"
    • "Seamaiden"
  • Ceremonial and auxilary boats and vessels
    • "Patriarchal"
    • "Most Serene"
    • "Peace"
    • "Victoria"
    • "Ecclesia Militans"
    • "Saint Mary Mother of God"
    • "Saint George"
    • "Ecclesia Triumphans"
    • "Saint Peter"
    • "Saint Basil"
    • "Immaculate Conception"

Infantry units Edit

  • Commandant General of Patriarchal Bands: Army General Count Patrick O'Driscoll-O'Hara
    • Chief of Staff: General of Brigade Marquis Marcus Gaalen
  • Patriarchal Zouaves: two Regiments ("Most Serene"; "Defensor").
    • 5,092 men
  • Patriarchal Carabineers: one Regiment ("Honos").
    • 2,280 men
  • Counter Satanism Regiment: three Battle Groups ("Salvatio I", "Salvatio II" and "Salvatio III")
    • 1,890 men (further divided into nine Battle Teams)

Honour guards Edit

  • Palatine Honour Guard
    • 2,000 men
  • Aryan Noble Guard
    • 500 men

Security and police units Edit

  • Patriarchal Fire Service
    • 30 men

Corps of Gendarmere of the Holy See Edit

The Corps of Gendarmerie of the Holy See (also known as "The Patriarchal Gendarmerie") is the main security corps within the Holy See. Although assisted by the Inspectorate "Holy See", belonging to the Imperial Gendarmerie Corps, the Gendarmerie of the Holy See is the only autonomous corps which exercises the same functions and tasks of the Imperial Gendarmerie Corps itself. The Corps of Gendarmerie of the Holy See is organized hierarchically: it is responsible for ensuring the careful execution of the prescribed laws, regulations and provisions of the above Authority.
Its strenght is of 130 men, organized into two Sections ("Diurna" and "Nocturna"). The "Patriarchal" Gendarmerie officers are trained at Security Academy of the Imperial Gendarmerie.
The admission of the Agents takes place after a two-year period of trial and passing an aptitude test at the end of the period. Promotions from one executive rank to another executive rank (Agent, Agent I Class,Deputy Assistant, Assistant) can take place after seven years of actual service provided in each rank with the evaluation of "excellent".
Positions for "Deputy Superintendant" are assigned trough competition opened to the Assistants with at least one year of actual service in the rank.
With regard to appointments to the ranks of the managerial career (Inspector General, Inspector, Deputy Inspector), and the appointment of Superintendents and Superintendents Major, these are provided by the Patriarch of the Empire himself, who can choose people who are in the Gendarmerie, already serving in other offices of the Government or even in other Jinavian administration, mostly in the Imperial Armed Forces.

Rank insignia Edit

The Gendarmerie wears the same uniforms of the Imperial Gendarmerie, although different in colour. The rank insignia are Gendarmerie-type shoulderboards, although slightly modified.

Rank Inspector General Inspector Deputy Inspector Superintendant Major Superintendant Deputy Superintendant Assistant Deputy Assistant Agent I Class Agent
Insignia 10 - Inspector General 09 - Inspector 08 - Deputy Inspector 07 - Superintendent Major 06 - Superintendent 05 - Deputy Superintendent Assistant Deputy Assistant Agent I Class Agent

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