Military of Jeuna
President Fan Banou
Minister of Federal Defense Kong Touhui
Military age 18-45 years old
Available for
military service
 ??? males, age 18-49 (2007 est.),
??? females, age 18-49 (2007 est.)
Fit for
military service
 ??? males, age 18-49 (2007 est.),
??? females, age 18-49 (2007 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
 ??? males (2007 est.),
??? females (2007 est.)
Active personnel 1,305,470
Reserve personnel 8,543,555
Budget $?.? billion (2007 est.)
Percent of GDP  ?.?% (2007)
Domestic suppliers  ???
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The Armed Forces of Jeuna (Chinese: 陸的妍華武裝部隊) have a long history of service to their country, stretching all the way back to the country's founding in 1625. The armed forces of Jeuna consist of the Republican Guard, Army, the Air Force and the Navy, all under the command of the Ministry of Defence of Jeuna. Kong Touhui is currently the Minister of Defense and the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Jeuna is ....

Organization Edit

Jeuna relies on a volunteer system to fill the ranks in the military. The total number of active personnel (including civilian workers) numbers ??.[1] The branch structure is as follows:

Equipment and order of battle Edit

Jeuna primarily uses equipment from Cravan, but has recently been producing more hardware in domestic industries. As of 2007, the Jeunese military lists its inventory as follows:

The organisation of this equipment can be found in this table.

Doctrine Edit

References and notes Edit

  1. Jeunese ORBAT, 2007

Scratch notes Edit

  •  ? total soldiers
    •  ? active soldiers
    •  ? reserve
    •  ? paramilitary
    • 9.65 troops per 1000 population