Military State of Sethtekia


"To Enslave and Conquer"

Anthem: United We are
Capital (and largest city): Serex
Official Language: English
Demonym: Military

Government Military State

-General Erex Malren

Legislature None

Formation: July 31, 2011

Population: 987 million


Total: $26,183,142,935,061.00

Per Capita: $12,766.04

Currency: cR
Standing 95% of Population

The Military State of Sethtekia is controlled by General Erex Malren. He assumed control and is deemed the High General. Since he became the leader he has mandated that if you are 18 years old and are a male, and you do not join the Military, you will be imprisoned in a Military Prison for the remainder of your life. The Military State of Sethtekia only has military prisons, and once there you do not get out very soon. His current enemy is El Salvador, the other strongest superpower of the world.

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