Abbreviations Edit

  • MOF: Managerial OFficial (from 1 to 7)
  • EOF: Executive OFficial (from 1 to 6)
  • COF: Clerk OFficial (from 1 to 4)
  • AR: Auxiliary Role (from 1 to 3)
  • SFO: Starting FOrce (from 1 to 9)

Table of Ranks Edit

Military and Security Edit

Comparative grades Military ranks Imperial Security Department rates
Army Gendarmerie Air Force Navy Administration Operational
MOF7 Lord Marshal (Lord Admiral) of the Empire -
MOF6 Marshal Commissioner General Air Marshal Grand Admiral -
MOF5 Army General acting as General Marshal/General Marshal Inspector General Air General First Class Fleet Admiral/General Admiral -
MOF4 General of Combat Speciality/Army General/Ataman Captain General Air General Admiral -
MOF3 Corps General/Combat General Lieutenant General Air Squadron General Vice Admiral/Lieutenant Admiral Central Director
MOF2 General of Division Major General Air Division General Rear Admiral Executive Central Director
MOF1 General of Brigade Brigadier General Air Commodore Commodore Security General Director
EOF6 Colonel Colonel/Mestre de Camp - Police Chief Director Group Captain Captain at Sea Deputy Security General Director
EOF5 Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel - Police Director Wing Commander Commander at Sea Security Senior Director
EOF4 Major Commandant/First Commissioner Squadron Leader Lieutenant Commander Security Director Security Superintendant
EOF3 Captain - Rittmeister - Yesaul Chef d'escadron - Chief Commissioner Flight Lieutenant Lieutenant Security Assessor Probationary Security Superintendant
Security Inspector
EOF2 Lieutenant Lieutenant - Commissioner Flying Officer Sub Lieutenant Security Senior Secretary Probationary Security Inspector
Security Commissioner
EOF1 Second Lieutenant - Cornet - Ensign Second Lieutenant - Deputy Commissioner Pilot Officer Ensign Security Secretary Probationary Security Commissioner
COF4 First Lieutenant Marshal of Troops Chief Inspector Aide-Officer Air First Marshal First Vessel Marshal Security Assistant 1st Class
COF3 Chief Marshal of Troops Chief Inspector First Marshal First Marshal Security Assistant
COF2 Marshal of Troops First Inspector Marshal Chief Ist Class Probationary Security Assistant
COF1 Deputy Marshal Inspector Deputy Marshal Chief IInd Class Security Assistant Candidate
AR3 Chief Sergeant Major Chief Superintendant Air Chief Sergeant Major Second Chief First Class Auxiliary Senior Secretary
AR2 Sergeant Major Superintendant Air Sergeant Major Second Chief Auxiliary First Secretary
AR1 Sergeant Deputy Superintendant Air Sergeant Naval Sergeant Auxiliary Secretary
SFO9 Chief Lance Corporal Ist Class Brigadier Major Air Chief Lance Corporal Ist Class Senior Aide-Chief Ist Class Auxiliary Assistant Secretary
SFO8 Chief Lance Corporal Brigadier Air Chief Lance Corporal Aide-Chief Ist Class Auxilairy Deputy Secretary
SFO7 Lance Corporal Ist Class Deputy Brigadier Air Lance Corporal Ist Class Aide-Chief IInd Class Auxiliary Senior Coadjutor
SFO6 First Lance Corporal Chief Appointee Air First Lance Corporal Aide-Chief IIIrd Class Auxiliary First Coadjutor
SFO5 Lance Corporal Major Appointee Ist Class Air Lance Corporal Major Aide-Chief Auxiliary Coadjutor
SFO4 Corporal Major Appointee Air Lance Corporal Deputy Aide-Chief Auxiliary Deputy Coadjutor
SFO3 Lance Corporal Gendarme Ist class Air Corporal Major Seaman Ist Class Auxiliary Chief Clerk
SFO2 Corporal Effective Gendarme Air Corporal Seaman IInd Class Auxiliary Clerk
SFO1 Private Auxiliary Gendarme Airman Seaman Auxiliary Janitor

Diplomatic and Public Administration Edit

Comparative grades Diplomatic ranks Civil Service rates
Embassy Consulate Prefect Corps Public Administration
MOF7 - -
MOF6 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary - Prefect of First Class Director-General
MOF5 Ambassador - Inspector-General
MOF4 Minister Plenipotentiary - Senior Prefect Secretary-General
MOF3 Minister Resident - Councillor Class III
MOF2 Minister - Prefect Councillor Class II
MOF1 Envoy Consul General Councillor Class I
EOF6 Counselor - Vice-prefect Divisional Director
EOF5 First Secretary - Vice prefect inspector ----
Vice prefect inspector adjoint 
Deputy Divisional Director
EOF4 Second Secretary - Sectional Director Sectional Director
EOF3 Third Secretary - Prefectural Councilor Deputy Director
EOF2 Probationary Secretary - Deputy Prefectural Councilor Divisional Councillor
EOF1 - Councilor Third Class Sectional Councillor
COF4 - Chief Archivist
COF3 - Archivist
COF2 - Deputy Archivist
COF1 - Chief Secretary
AR3 - Senior Secretary
AR2 - First Secretary
AR1 - Secretary
SFO9 - Assistant Secretary
SFO8 - Deputy Secretary
SFO7 - Senior Coadjutor
SFO6 - First Coadjutor
SFO5 - Coadjutor
SFO4 - Deputy Coadjutor
SFO3 - Chief Clerk - Chief Usher
SFO2 - Clerk - Usher
SFO1 - Janitor

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