The Mew Tower is the name of the capitol building of Mewsland. Over 1,200 years three buildings were constructed on the site of the Mew Tower.

History Edit

Planning Edit

From the creation and recognization of the then-Federation of Mewsland in 2211, there were plans for a large capitol building in the new capitol city of Mew Falls. Several plans included building another "capitol island" similar to the then-16 islands making up the city, as well as building a "wheel" building. Plans were put on hold for some time, however.

Mew Tower I Edit

In 2408, President Mew Mæow I was shot and killed by his renegade sister Aelita Mæow, who took over the Federation and reorganized it as the Dominion of Mewsland. Her plans for a "Tower of Domination" were put into effect in 2409 and the "Mew Tower", as it was eventually renamed, was built.


<IMAGE> The Mew Tower I in 2411.

The Mew Tower I stood about 2,500 feet tall and provided an outlook over the entire city of Mew Falls for the current occupant.

In 2515, the Mew Tower I was demolished and replaced with the Mew Tower II.

Mew Tower II Edit

On October 27, 2515, the Mew Tower I was imploded and destroyed by demolition crews.

The Mew Tower II was planned as its replacement. Two designs were used for the Mew Tower II. The first, a three-winged pyramid, was considered too small for a nation the size of the Federation.

Pyongyang-feb-2009-crop-Ryugyong_Hotel_mod_timm.jpg <IMAGE> Mew Tower IIA before its destruction in 2518.

The first Mew Tower II <known as the Mew Tower IIA> stood 3,716 feet tall over the skyline of Mew Falls. This design was scrapped in 2518.

The Mew Tower IIB was built in its place and would be standing until its destruction in 3309 by a pirate attack. 14,516 people died in the attacks on the Mew Tower IIB. The Mew Tower IIB was 6,718 feet tall.

Tower22.jpg <IMAGE> Mew Tower IIB's memorial standing in front of the Mew Tower III.

Mew Tower III Edit

The Mew Tower III was constructed in 3316 to honor those people killed in the Mew Tower IIB collapse in 3309. It was to stand precisely 14,516 feet tall in memoriam. An error in construction, however, killed another person in the process, and the torch would be expanded an extra foot. The tower opened in 3320 and stands to this day. <IMAGE> Mew Tower III opens on New Year's Day 3320.

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