Mecin Capitalist

The history of Mecin is quite short seeing that the nation was only founded a few years ago. The fast development of the country is thankful to the many corporations that run it.

The first settlers came to Extos (New Antarctica) after the terraforming projects ended. It was meant to be a colony of a now, conquered nation, but grew into an independant state. The corporations began to grow from small companies into national factions. The larger ones began to recruit their own private armies. Soon the corporations started fighting over the land, resources and citizens. They went further into the Alpine territory and began building their own settlements.

After the major corporations had settled down, they decided to stop attacking eachother and to turn Mecin into a Confederacy of Corporate run cities.


Type: Corporate Confederacy

Mecin is run by many Corporations who run their own city states in the country. The most powerful corporation is currently the Aegis Corporation which controls Galis City and the surrounding settlements. The Corporations stay our of eachother way but will join forces against an external force.

Corporations run everything in their city. The police force, military and infastructure. Most large corporations, like Aegis and Zerian allow smaller corporations to run in their cities.


Mecin does not have a main Armed Forces. Instead invidual corporations maintain their own private armies. Some weaker corporations do not have armed forces and need to hire mercanaries or get the support from other corporations. The following is a list of the statistics for different corporations:


Number of Troops: 5000

Main Weapon: AM-21


Number of Troops: 4500

Main Weapon: ZAP-1


Mecin is completely run by privately owned companies. They each have their own markets but some will compete over particuluar resources and customers. These conflicts normally end with one dead corporation and one richer corporation.

Main Export: Weapons, created by Zerian and Aegis

Secondary Export: Wood, harvested from set locations to prevent deforestation ==


A few smaller corporations run the communication industry and for the sake of social security, they are exempt from all wars. They run the phone, TV and radio stations.

TV Stations:

  • Aegis News&nbsp
  • Zerian Information
  • Extos Knowledge
  • Kiddy'fun time
  • Extos History
  • Extos Movies
  • EBN1
  • EBN2

Radio Stations:

  • Aegis FM 94.8&nbsp

&nbsp &nbsp

  • Pop-That 81.7
  • Extos News 54.5
  • Extos Classical 90.5
  • Zerian AM 78.4
  • Jazz n' Stuff 90.1

Country Code: ISM


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