Marine Corps
Emblem of the Adygean Marine Corps
Country Adygea
Branch Adygean Navy
Type Infantry
Size 1 battalion
Adygean Marines' branch insignia 100px

The Adygean Marine Corps is a branch of the Adygean Navy. It is used as a component part of amphibious, airborne and amphibious-airborne operations, alone or in accordance with formations and units of the Army in order to capture parts of the seashore, islands, ports, fleet bases, coast airfields and other coast objects of the enemy. It can also be used to defend naval bases, vital areas of the shore, separate islands and coast objects, security of hostile areas.[1]





Modern historyEdit



The ideal goal in the reform of the Marine Corps is to form a unit which would be similar to the units sent to Iraq. It is planned that there will be no more conscripts in the Marine Corps, only professional soldiers.

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1918 structureEdit

  •  ?

1998 structureEdit

  •  ?

Current structureEdit

Today all of the marines are organized into 1 Marine Battalion.

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