Type Assault rifle/Submachine gun hybrid
Place of origin Cuborg
Service history
In service 2008
Production history
Designer Nick Kristofferson
Designed 2006-2008
Manufacturer Cuborg Defense Industries
Weight 3.9 lbs with empty magazine
Length 350 mm, fixed metal stock

Cartridge 7.62x39mm
Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire 800 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 600 fps
Effective range 100–800 sight adjustments m
Feed system 50-round detachable box magazine
Sights Adjustable iron sights, laser guide

The MK-01 weapon system was designed by the Cuborg military's defense contractor, Cuborg Defense Industries (CDI), for close quarters fighting. The weapon uses assault rifle ammunition (7.62x39mm rounds) but its firing speed, weight, and size are modeled after a submachine gun style of weapon. The MK-01 uses a bullpup configuration to achieve greater accuracy and velocity.

The MK-01 was greatly disliked by Cuborg soldiers, who preferred the AK-47, and the entire MK program was canceled. A huge stockpile of MK weapons are currently being sold to miscellaneous third-world nations.

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