Lyov, after making his victory speech in the 2007 election

Lyov Fyodorovich Bacherikov (Russian: Лёв Фёдорович Бачериков) (born 15 May, 1945) is the third President of Adygea. He took office on 13 January 2007, succeeding Hazret Sovmen. Lyov is a member of the Our Adygea movement and former Director of Law for Krasnodar. Despite his entirely Russian name, he is partially Adyghe.

Early life Edit

Bacherikov was born in Chersky in the Sakha Republic in the Russian SFSR on 15 May, 1945. His mother, Yana Grigorina Bacherikova, was a factory worker, and his father, Fyodor Kazimirvich Bacherikov, was a captain in the Soviet Tank Force. His father served in World War II, participating in the defence of Kiev.

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