The United States of Luciferatia
Flag of Luciferatia
"We are the greatest! We are the brave!"
"Luci, Luciferatia"
Royal anthem
"Purgatoria's Grace"
Location of Luciferatia
CapitalSaint Luci
Largest city Penderik
Official languages English, Sahkee'vell
Recognised regional languages Spanish, French, Prussian, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Horosti, and 26 recognized languages.
Ethnic groups  65% White
45% Stake Polynesian
10% Black
5% Asian
3% Other
Demonym Luciferatian
Government Federal Republic
 -  President of the Union of Purgatoria Dyrrixus DeJesus
 -  President Heneric Haddeljork (PLP)
 -  Vice President Hereic Mattrix
Independence From the Kingdom of Great Britian 
 -  Declared December 19, 1864 
 -  Recognized Feburary 27th, 1866 
 -  Current Constitution April 26th, 1871 
 -  Purgatorian Unification October 6, 2016 
 -  Water (%) 6.7
 -  2012 census 1,100,714,024 
GDP (PPP)  estimate
 -  Total $6.55 trillion 
 -  Per capita $70,403 
GDP (nominal) 2012 estimate
 -  Total $605,453 trillion 
 -  Per capita $60,504 (1st)
Gini? (2012) 30.1 (Very low) (1st)
HDI (2012) 0.986 (Very high) (1st)
Currency Luciferatian dollar, Purgatorian standard (LFD, PST)
Time zone/th> PST (UTC-9)
 -  Summer (DST) -9 (UTC-10)
List of country calling codes ++7
Purgatorian Standards are also used as Luciferatian dollars at times.
The United States of Luciferatia (most commonly known as Luciferatia and rarely known as the U.S.L) is a federal constitutional republic consisting of fifteen states and four colonies that include Saint Joan, New Rheims, New Marseille and Asgard. The country's capital is based in Saint Luci and it's largest city being Penderik, the capital of the Purgatorian Union. It borders Enden and [[New Queensland to the Northwest, Augusta and East Augusta to the north, Bordeaux to the southeast and Makerine to the southwest. Despite it's size, Luciferatia is claimed, and even officially, the world's most powerful country by economy, military force, and government. Luciferatia is the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nation with immigrants coming in every day and every night from all over the world.

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