The Democratic Empire of Livenda
Flag of Livenda
Flag of Livenda
"The march of time, the march of an empire"
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Official Language(s) English, Ancient Livendian
Region Hampshire
Population 713,000,000
Founded Ancient time
Independance 28th of July 1401 CE
Capital Azepolis
 - Head of Government
 - Largest Party of Parliament

Emperor Aczel VII
The Imperial Party
National Animal Eagle
Currency Livendian Dinaria
Anthem March of The Empire, by Sanches Dalaran
ISO Nation Code LIV
Internet TLD .liv
Phone Code +555
Currency Code LDN
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML

The Democratic Empire of Livenda is an ancient nation, once stretching over large areas of the known world, now only a mere percent of the original empire exist, but still Livenda is a force to recognize.


Livenda probably comes from the family name of the very first Imperial family, Livendii, that ruled the nation about 350 BCE to 557 CE.


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Main Article: History of Livenda

Early HistoryEdit

It is not known when Livenda was created, but for several hundreds of years it ruled a great empire. About 500 BCE the Empire was destroyed by internal onflicts and conquered by the growing power Gandale.

For over 500 hundred years Livenda was a part of the Gandalian Empire until it was liberated under the command of Emperor Shannen I of Livenda whose sons ruled the land for 225 years.

Under the late Shannen dynasty, the real Empire was established by the conquering of much laand formerly parts of the destroyed Gandalian Empire.

During the late 19th and early 20th century, empire crumbled due to the weak emperors lead ing the country. This feeded angry that eventually lead to the Livendian Civil War.

Modern HistoryEdit

Livendas modern history starts at 1945 when the last emperor died. Two political alliances, [[The Democratic Reform (Livenda)]|The Democratic Reform] and the Freedom Alliance where created as the fight for democracy started. Between 1945 and 1946 the Livendian Civil War rages as militant follower of both sides faught each other, with military on both sides. Finally one of the leaders of the Democratic Reform, Field General Alez Monar managed to get the entire army under his command and won the civil war.

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Government and PoliticsEdit

Livenda is a republic, ruled by three pillars:

  • The Legislative pillar
    • The Parliament
  • The Juridical pillar
    • The High Council

The Parliament and the Nobles create laws and pass them. The Emperor rules the Empire and follows acts of the parliament, The High Council watches the other two and makes sure nothing unconstitutional is done.


According to the Constitution, a Livendian is: "A person who lives in Livenda, was born by Livendian parents or have fullfilled the Citizenship education."

The people of Livenda is usually considered relaxed, social and respecting. To most Livendians equality is very important as well as respect of private life.

They are also notable for being very quick on accepting new people, a famous quote is: "The difference between cutlures, religion or colour is not more important then the diference of nose-sizes"


Most Livendians speek English, although a few still speak Ancient Livendian, an old language that used to be the main.


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