Coordinates: 44°38′N, 40°44′E

Coat of Arms of Labinsk

Coat of arms of Labinsk

Labinsk (Russian: Ла́бинск), until 1947 called stanitsa Labinskaya, is a town in Adygea, located on the Bolshaya Laba River (a tributary of the Kuban). Population: 61,446 (2002); 53,000 (1972).

History Edit

Labinsk was first established as the capital of the Kingdom of Adygea by Khevard Sharatko, in 1205. It was called Lorenska at the time, and would remain so until the Russian-Circassian War of the mid-1800s.

The stanitsa of Labinskaya was established in the autumn of 1841, on the remains of the Adygean fortress-city. The Don Cossacks were the first settlers of the stanitsa, and protected the southern borders of the Russian Empire. Later, many peasants belonging to the Cossack social class moved to Labinskaya from the inner provinces of Russia. Labinsk, with a population of over 30,000 people, soon became an important industrial and trade centre among the neighbouring stanitsas, owing to its favourable location in the valley of the Laba River.

The Labinsk Fighter Squadron was established in Labinsk when World War II began, and Ivan Konstantinov appointed as its commander. As a memorial, one of the central streets of the town bears his name. On 25 January, 1943, Labinsk was liberated from Nazi occupying forces.

Economy Edit

  • Food processing industry: canning plant, sugar refinery, cheese-making and meet-processing plants
  • Light industry: sewing and footwear factory
  • Chemical industry: paint and varnish plant

Cereal crops, as well as potatoes, are cultivated in the region. Melon-growing is wide-spread. Dairy cattle and pig breeding are a large part of local agriculture.

Tourism Edit

The Laba health resort in Labinsk boasts its medicinal waters. The composition of the water in Labinsk is reported to resemble that of Baden-Baden mineral waters.

The most popular tourist routes take the tourists along the local sites, waterfalls, caves including the trips to Lago-Naki plateau, Azishsky cave as well as Round and Black Lakes in Gornoe village. The remains of the central castle are also a popular attraction.

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