Type Main battle tank
Place of origin Leocardia, The Northern Baltic
Service history
Used by Leocardia
Production history
Manufacturer Lion Defensive Industries
Unit cost $5.5 million
Produced 2007–present
Number built More than 12,000 (estimate)
Weight 61.8 tonnes (68 short tons)
Crew 3 (commander, gunner, driver)

Northern Baltic Type 2 130mm gun
Remote-Controlled Dual Kord Machine Guns mounted at top in the hull. 2 Kalashnikov PKMT on the turret in the hull.

Three ATGM launcher mounted next to the main gun.

Engine LM T63-48J 2,500HP Twin Turbo Engine with LM MaxTrax Technology
Speed Road:

The LNB-1 main battle tank, also known as Lion's Roar, is a joint development tank by Leocardia and The Northern Baltic. It is the most advanced tank produced by Leocardian tank makers and is currently in service with the Leocardian Armored Divisions. It is manufactured by Lion Defensive Industries.

Overview Edit

During the Leocardian Civil War, a band of nations came to the aid the Communist Party of Leocardia and fight the radical rebels. However, when Leocardian Type 99's and LMT-32J's encountered rebel forces, who had limited aid from Mationbuds, it was realized that even the rebels had better anti-tank weapons than the armed forces. Immediate research and investigations were made on how to improve Leocardia's now-realized obsolete army.

A band of nations, primarily Leocardia and The Northern Baltic, joined together with interest in making a joint development tank.

Design Edit

The LNB-1 was designed for situations when the enemy has outnumbered its allied forces. With technologies capable of tracking 6~8 targets and engaging 4 of them simultaneously, the LNB-1 is equipped with advanced radar systems. The LNB-1 also uses the TROPHY Active Protection System for active protection.


The LNB-1 uses a LMA Laminated Ceramic-Steel-Nickel Composite Alloy-Matrix ER Armor.

  • Hull
    • Side: 550mm
    • Rear: 300 mm
    • Lower front: 650mm
    • Glacis: 700mm
  • Turret
    • Front: 750mm
    • Side: 350mm
    • Rear: 175mm
    • Roof: 125mm
    • Gun mantlet: 750mm


Primary ArmamentEdit

The LNB-1 uses the Northern Baltic Type 02 130mm rifled gun. Combined with the Northern Baltic Type 03 Rapid Autoloader, the tank has a capability of shooting up to 15 shots per minute; However, the autoloader is expensive and may be unreliable in harsh conditions. The LNB-1 holds 30 rounds, and 3 ATGMs stored next to it, in the autoloader. With ATGMs mounted right next to the gun, it includes three reloads. The main gun can fire up to 80 rounds from the tank's storage. The tank fires a list of different types of ammunitions, such as HEAT, Kinetic Energy Penetrator, AP, and MPAT.

Secondary ArmamentEdit

The LNB-1 uses remote-controlled Dual Kord machine guns and Kalashnikov PKMT, as well as three secret ATGMs.


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