Type Main battle tank
Place of origin Leocardia
Production history
Designer Lion Defensive Industries
Manufacturer Leocardian Motors
Produced 2008-Present
Weight 40 ton
Length 6.63 m (21.8 ft)
Width 3.52 m (11.5 ft)
Height 2.4 m (7.9 ft)
Crew 4

Armor Cast turret, Spaced Armor, explosive reactive armour
105mm LDI-220 Smoothbore Gun
LDI 14.5mm heavy machine gun, 7.62mm machine gun in coaxial mount
Engine LDI HypeTurbo Diesel
Power/weight 18.75 hp/ton
Suspension torsion-bar

The LDI-69, also known as the Dragon of the Northern Baltic, is a main battle tank created by the Lion Defensive Industries. It is one of sixteen new creations by the Leocardian Defense Budget in response to its new modernization within its military. The LDI-69 looked at to be a medium-sized tank by many Leocardian evaluators. There are at least three different operational versions of this tank, desert, jungle, and snow storm. In performance, this tank is considered a "speed-bump" threat to larger tanks.

Overview Edit

Just realizing that Leocardia's military is obsolete when it faced foreign nations equipments in the Leocardian Civil War, the military's various branches begun a massive modernization on its military to make it a stronger, more capable-to-threats fighting force. In less than three years, major modernization projects unfolded, releasing classified materials into new creations of destruction beasts and equipment.

Design Edit

The LDI-69 is built to act as speed bumps in major battles and to slow the advance for the enemy while the rest of the reinforcing army is preparing for the hostile forces from afar.

Armor Edit

The LDI-69 uses a cast turret, spaced explosive reactive armor. It has a thinner armour and was consequently lighter compared to many tanks.

  • Hull
    • 60 degrees: 102mm
    • Upper: 79mm
    • Rear: 46mm
    • Bottom: 20mm
  • Turret
    • Front: 242mm
    • Sides: 152mm
    • Rear: 97mm
    • Roof: 40mm

Armaments Edit

The LDI-69 uses a 105mm smoothbore gun developed by Lion Defensive Industries while testing the gun in allied soil. With a LDI-456 Autoloader, the tank has a capability of firing 9 shots per minute. It holds 25 rounds and has 2 ATGMs on each side of its turret, but can fire up to 40 shots and can have 3 reloads on the ATGM. The LDI-69 can fire numerous different rounds.

Secondary Edit

The LDI-69 has a LDI 14.5mm heavy machine gun and a 7.62mm machine gun in coaxial mount.

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