The Kota Laut Sky Harbor International Airport (A.K.A Sky Harbor), is an international airport within the city of Kota Laut, the capital of the Indonesian States. It currently has 14 regular terminals and 2 Airship Terminals. Sky Harbor is also the main hub for Merdekair, the national airlines of the Indonesian States. Kota Laut Skyharbor currently flies to the following domestic cities: Palembang, Jakarta, Medan, Bandar Seri Bergawan, Makassar, Kepedasan, Denpasar, Yogyarkata, Surabaya, Bandung, Singapore, Kuching, Banjarmasin, and Timor.


Terminal 1 (Domestic):

Concourse 1: Merdeka Air

Concourse 2: Merdeka Air

Concourse 3: Merdeka Air

Concourse 4: Merdeka Air

Concourse 5: Merdeka Air

Concourse 6: Air Betawi

Terminal 2 (Domestic):

Concourse 1: Gold Airlines

Concourse 2: Gold Airlines

Concourse 3: Tiger Air

Concourse 4: Tiger Air

Concourse 5: Royal Air

Concourse 6: EZ Flights

Terminal 3:

Concourse 1: Greston Air

Concourse 2: Greston Air

Concourse 3: Greston Air

Concourse 4: Cross Air

Concourse 5: Cross Air

Concourse 6: Cross Air

Terminal 4

Concourse 1: Ustio North Air

Concourse 2: Uraatu Imperial Airways

Concourse 3: Ustio North Air

Concourse 4: Jetstream Airlines

Concourse 5: Leonis Imperial Airways

Concourse 6:

Terminal 5

Concourse 1: Atlantic Air

Concourse 2: Atlantic Air

Concourse 3: Atlantic Air

Concourse 4: Atlantic Air

Concourse 5:

Concourse 6:

Terminal 6

Concourse 1: NorRangAir

Concourse 2: NorRangAir

Concourse 3: NorRangAir

Concourse 4: Air Peregrine

Concourse 5: Air Peregrine

Concourse 6: Air Peregrine

Terminal 7

Concourse 1: Aeroflot Karshka

Concourse 2: Aeroflot Karshka

Concourse 3: Aeroflot Karshka

Concourse 4: Aeroflot Karshka

Concourse 5: Aeroflot Karshka

Concourse 6: Aeroflot Karshka

Terminal 8

Terminal 9

Concourse 1: Air Atreidondi

Concourse 2: Air Atreidondi

Concourse 3: Air Atreidondi

Concourse 4: Air Atreidondi

Concourse 5: Air Atreidondi

Concourse 6: Air Atreidondi

Terminal 10

Concourse 1: Lamoni Air

Concourse 2: Lamoni Air

Concourse 3: Lamoni Air

Concourse 4: Lamoni Air

Concourse 5: Lamoni Air

Concourse 6: Lamoni Air

Terminal 11

Concourse 1: Greal Air

Concourse 2: Greal Air

Concourse 3: Greal Air

Concourse 4: Greal Air

Concourse 5: Greal Air

Concourse 6: Greal Air

Terminal 12

Terminal 13

Terminal 14

Airship Terminal 1:

Concourse 1: SkyLiners Co.

Concourse 2: SkyLiners Co.

Concourse 3: CloudScrapers Co; SkyLiners Co.

Concourse 4: CloudScrapers Co; SkyLiners Co.

Concourse 5: AABR; SkyLiners Co.

Concourse 6: AeroTransit Inc.

Airship Terminal 2:

Concourse 1: Merdekair Airship Div.

Concourse 2: Merdekair Airsihp Div.

Concourse 3: Merdekair Airship Div.

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