Kirav is a large country in New Coscivia. It is also the homeland and most populous province of the Kiravian Empire.


Kirav is situated on the the continent of Sovereignia. It stretches from a long coastline on the Aquarian Ocean to an even longer coastline on the Pelagic Ocean. To the north, it borders the other KE homeland of Kirverda, and to the south borders various small nations. Kirav shared nautical borders with the countries of Welsh Harbour, Yabarra, and Florentina Island. There is also a sovereign microstate, Greenbrook Falls, that occupies several hectares within the Kiravian province of Njaska.


The eastern coast of the country is indented with fords and bays, bu also contains a few areas of undisturbed shoreline. From these commences a coastal plain that reaches inward up to the Aterndic Mountains. The Aterandics span from north to south, and are old, eroded, and relatively low. In ward from the Aterandic Mts. is a moderately high area of plateau interrupted by river valleys. A series of mountain ranges, collectively called the Western Mountains progress westward, and line the country's Pelagic coast.


Kirav is heavily forested. In the Northeast, the vegetation consists mostly of a mix of deciduous and coniferous trees, with conifers becomeing dominant in the Hemiboreal areas of the far northeast. The Aterandics also contain mixed forest, with deciduous trees occupying the lower slopes and conifers the higher. In the southern part of the mountain chain, coniferous trees become dominant. The Southeast is densely populated by species like the Southern Yellow Pine, as well as subtropical forest in the farthest austral areas. The Interior of the country is a vast plain covered in a mix of tall grasslands and open forest, as well as vast stretches of continental conifer forests.

The montane regions, on their slopes, host alpine forests below the treeline, composed of spruces, firs, and some pines. In the bowls and vales within the mountain regions, a multitude of tree species exist.

Some regions of the western coast are covered with Temperate Rain Forest.

In the Southwest, there are areas of desert and semidesert that line the border with the Southern Lands.

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