Kingsmouth International Airport
Kingsmouth International Aiport Logo
Kingsmouth Airport


Airport type Public
Owner KLAA plc
Operator KLAA plc
Location Kingsmouth, Kington Langley
Hub for

Royal Kingtonian Airways

Grand Ducal Airways

Statistics (2009)
Aircraft movements 198,000
Passengers 26,183,032
Based aircraft 139 (and growing)

Kingsmouth International Airport or Kingsmouth Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Kington Langley. It is one of the largest airports in the world with 5 terminals. The airport is owned and operated by KLAA, a government-owned company that runs all of Kington Langley's airports. It currently handles a staggering 70% of Kington Langley's international flights. It is located in the nation's capital city of Kingsmouth.



The airport was formed in December 2008 with the opening of 4 terminals at once, it quickly became the hub airport of Kington Langley as it was one of the first to be built since the nation had only been created a few months earlier, the airport's construction was started when the island was under British control. The initial project had a few setbacks such as the recession and the Kington Langley civil war, however it only opened 4 months behind schedule.


When it opened in December, it only handled domestic flights as a major airline for Kington Langley was still in the planning stages. It became the hub of all domestic flights in the country, this led to a big increase in urbanisation as millions flocked to Kingsmouth to live and work. However, early in May 2009 the airport was awarded international status as Royal Kingtonian Airways made its first flight to Dungeyland.


Today, Kingsmouth Airport is the largest airport in Kington Langley operating 70% of international flights in and out of the country, it is also the location of the nation's largest and most successful airline, Royal Kingtonian Airways which is also it's flag carrier. It also is the hub for the RKA's subsidiary, Grand Ducal Airways. The KLAA, who operates the airport also uses Kingsmouth as their main airport.


Kingsmouth Airport, from its creation, has been owned and operated by the KLAA which is a government-owned company. The company has been commended for their efforts at Kingsmouth and in January 2010, Kingsmouth recieved the 'Airport of the Year' award, the company has also helped promote the airport abroad by posting the link to the airport website on the Oneworld forum for other nations to sign up, the airport has recently seen a surge in popularity due to this.


Kingsmouth offers a range of destination which is growing all the time, it currently flies to over 10 different nations which has led to a surge in the airport's global popularity and recognition. Kington Langley's flag carrier airline has recently become a member of the popular Oneworld Airline Alliance which has led to a sharp increase in airlines looking to fly to Kington Langley. However, Royal Kingtonian Airways and the KLAA have a very strong rivalry, ever since RKA was bought by private equity it has sought to weaken the KLAA and exploit them by trying to reduce their landing fees. Overall the airport is flourishing and is set to prosper into the distant future.

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