The Kämpfer 14 Fighter, or K-14 'Falcon', is a fighter aircraft originating from the Empire of Bayr.  At the present, it is the only fighter aircraft in use by the Imperial Air Force of Bayr.  It was designed between 1982 and 1987 by Utiel Weaponworks, and was introduced in 1998.  Since its introduction, over 170 K-14's have been produced, and currently 150 are in active service.  Originally called the UWF-2, it was redesignated the K-14 after entering service.  The fighter replaced the old K-10 'Hunter' fighter, which had been in service since the 1960's, and since has become an icon of the Imperial Air Force.
K-14 Fighter

General Information Edit

Produced and designed by Utiel Weaponworks, the K-14 is a multi-role fighter that serves as the Imperial Air Force's sole fighter aircraft.  The K-14's primary weapons are its 20 mm gattling gun cannon, and its 12 hardpoints designed for both air to air and air to surface missiles.  Like many Bayr vehicles, the K-14 is slightly smaller than many comparable fighters, and it uses that to its advantage, allowing for better maneuverability.  The fuel tank is slightly larger as well, allowing for a large range.

For a full five years after its first introduction, the K-14 was only used in one of the five fighter squadrons in the IAF.  However, in 2003, production stepped up, and three years later, all K-10's were out of active service.  Although there are over a dozen K-14's in reserve, a number of K-10's still fill a reserve role, and if needed, would be put into active service.

Specifications Edit

'Type': Multi-Role Fighter

Country of Origin: Bayr

In Service: 1998-present

Users: Imperial Air Force of the Empire of Bayr

Designer: Utiel Weaponworks

Designed: 1982-1987

Producer: Utiel Weaponworks

Produced: 1998-present

Crew: 1

Length: 14.97 m

Wingspan: 10.23 m

Height: 5.12 m

Wing Area: 48 m²

Empty Weight: 10,200 Kg

Loaded Weight: 14,800 Kg

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 21,900 Kg

Maximum Speed: Mach 2.2

Range: 3,100 Km

Combat Radius: Ground Attack: 1,450 Km  Air Defense (3 hr): 240 Km  Air Defense (10 min): 1,450 Km

Ferry Range: 4,200 Km

Service Ceiling: 18,570 m

Rate of Climb: 350 m/s

Guns: 20mm Gattling Gun Cannon

Hardpoints: 12, 8 under wing and 4 under fuselage holding up to 6,500 Kg payload

Missiles: Air to Air: AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-132 ASRAAM, MBDA Meteor  Air to Ground: AGM-84 Harpoon, AGM Armiger, Brimstone Anti Tank

Others: Flares, Infrared Decoy Countermeasures, Litening targeting pod, up to 2 droptanks


Cost per Unit: $35,000,000 USD

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