National Flag

The birds are Nimelys, Jufonce's national animal.

Capital Savoda
Government Monarchy
Leader King Charles III
Official Language(s) English, Seruff
Currency Bloodth
National Population 1.742 billion
National Symbols
National Animal Nimely
Nation Plant Mary Tree
Nation Flower Maple Leaf

Establishment of JufonceEdit

Jufonce began as a colony established by the Mohebian (moe-he-be-in) Kingdom in 1500 Jufonce was then known as Frederickton, after King Fred (or King Frederick). Even though Frederickton was thousands of miles across the sea, it was still under Mohebian rule. Jufonce was established to increase the wealth of Mohebia, and possibly bring in slaves from the new world.
Julius Salad (Sa-lod) was elected as the head of the army that was to be set up in Frederickton. After arriving into Frederickton, Julius led four thousand soldiers into the Indian territory. Julius asked for permission for the southern part of the peninsula. The Indian Chief denied his permission and told him "my Indian people have allowed the white race to occupy land before, it ended with a massacre. Take your people with you, on home." With that being said, Julius marched his troops back to Jufonce.
After arriving back in Jufonce, Julius told the King about the refusal of land by the Indians. The King quickly began preparing for an Invasion on the Indians. Over the next five years, he created an army of fifteen thousand troops, and had more weapons invented and created. He planned to win this invasion. On January 5, 1490, the Mohebian troops set sail for one of the most brutal battles in the nation's history.
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