National Flag

The Grand Duchy of Jonmark (Jonmarcan: Dúzia Royel af Jönmark; Spanish: El Gran Ducado de Juanamárca; Polish: Wielkiego Ksiestwa Janznak) is an intelligent, proud, and spirited nation located in the Iberian Realm of the region of Pohlmania. Its' capital is Anastasia. Jonmark borders Wiccostra to the west, Leitmanasia to the east, and Quejio to the northwest. There are four national languages of Jonmark: Jonmarcan (which is most commonly used) English, Spanish, and Polish. This mix of languages comes from the origin of Jonmark's people, as many are immigrants from Poland, Latin America, and the US.



Map of Jonmark with different states and large cities


Coat of Arms

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